1. Congratulations were expressed to Mrs Karen Tonge, Regional Committee Chairman (North West), on the MBE awarded to her in the New Year’s Honours List.

2. Results from the World Junior Championships in Madrid, Spain, put England as the strongest junior boys’ country outside Asia. Paul Drinkhall, Darius Knight, Gavin Evans and Liam Pitchford won Bronze in the team event behind China and Korea with Japan
sharing the Bronze. Paul went on to the individual final where he lost out on Gold to Chien-an Chen of Chinese Taipei.

3. A copy of my report was circulated in advance to Council. It included details of the Sport England funding through the 2009 to 2013 Planning Application. The initial Awards for 2009 to 2013 are in total £10.8M, which is a significant increase from previous years and will be used over the coming 4 years to meet the policies of the Association within existing programmes and for additional
programmes. These will be aligned and monitored for the needs of table tennis and those of Sport England’s Strategy/ Outcomes across a number of interventional policies. Full details of this award and the intended interventional policies can be found in the Chairman’s Report on the website, along with all Departmental Reports.

4. Discussion took place with regard to the UK Sport funding for the British Table Tennis Federation (BTTF) covering the Elite programme and I agreed to keep Council aware of the progress resulting from the UK Sport Board meeting and discussions with the BTTF Board.

5. We are pleased to report that following our successful bid application meeting at Uk Sport with the Major Events Panel on 14th January 2009, we are now in a position to continue work on the English Open – ITTF Pro Tour event that will now take place at the English Institute in Sheffield from Wednesday 28th October 2009 until Sunday 1st November 2009. Tickets will be available to purchase from February. Full details, as they materialise, will be shown on the website.

6. The European National League matches will be played on Tuesday, 24th February 2009 at the English Institute for Sport in Sheffield. Both Men’s and Women’s matches will be played simultaneously in one arena. Full details of times and tickets will be on the website.

7. The latest Activity Survey shows figures that suggest participation in table tennis has risen considerably. The sport is booming at school level and measures are necessary to encourage opportunity for this enthusiasm to continue after school age. A greater club infrastructure is needed to maintain the interest of these young players as well as giving them the opportunity in our Competitions and Local League Structure..

8. The Membership Proposals for Individual Affiliation (NC RR.37) have been updated in a report from the Membership Committee (NC RR.37). This report can be found, with the other reports to National Council, on the website. Council unanimously approved the submission to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Rule Changes presented by the Rules Committee with regard to Individual
Affiliation and discussions took place in regard to cost implications if the AGM approves these changes. The Treasurer gave his inputs to Council.

9. The Treasurer reported that there is little overall change from the last budget forecast that at £1,746 surplus is some £7,621 less than budget. The substantial fall in interest rates is having an effect on our budget.

10. The Rule Change Propositions for 2009 Annual General Meeting were agreed with slight amendments. Appendix ‘B’ (Tournament Regulations) and Appendix ‘P’ (Anti-Doping Regulations have been amended and were approved by National Council. Appendix ‘R’ (Racket Testing Procedure), now on line, agrees with the system agreed by National Council in October and
was approved. However, it is known that this issue is still evolving in ITTF circles and it was agreed that when any changes are announced by ITTF in July, consideration would be given to amending Appendix ‘R’ again to incorporate these changes.

11. It is intended that two full testing kits will be purchased as soon as possible and training sessions will be undertaken by a limited number of volunteers in their use.

12. The National Coaching Conference held in November was a great success. The feedback from the 122 participants has been very encouraging. The Regional Coaches performed their tasks with energy and enthusiasm and a vote of thanks is given to members of the National Coaching and Development teams for their organisation.

13. British Table Tennis Association for People with Disabilities (BTTAD), as the National Governing Body reported that the Paralympic Table Tennis in Great Britain, has been awarded a sum of £1,623K by UK Sport for the 4 year London cycle. Planning is now in hand with partners, including the British table Tennis Federation, to ensure the best use of resources.

14. The ETTA Suspension Policy and procedures was approved by Council following some discussions, in particular relating to the legal side of these policies.

15. It was confirmed by the Vice-Chairman (Competitions) that any changes in the Umpires’ Clothing would be submitted to National Council for approval.

16. The ETTA Laws and Rules and the relationship between them was discussed and I felt that further investigation and clarification was needed.

17. All reports circulated to members of National Council from members of the Management Committee can be found on the website.