1. One minute silence was held in memory of Harold Albery (Vice-President), Peter Hancock (Vice President), Tony Pacitto (Coach) and David Poultney (International Umpire).

2. Discussions took place with regard to my report and the Whole Sport Plan Summary document. It was agreed that this summary would be included as an Agenda item at the July Council Meeting.

3. Richard Yule accepted a plaque on behalf of ETTA from Sport England for ‘Safeguarding in Sport, Level 2’.

4. The following Vice-Chairmen were elected for 2009/10:

– Administration: John Dignum

– Marketing: Mike Holt

– Competitions: Keith Ponting

– Development: Eileen Shaler

– Public Relations: Jim Beckley

– National Coaching: Keith Childs

– Selection: Peter Charters

5. Detailed discussions took place including an amendment to the proposal to combine the Under 11/12/13/14 Championships with the National Trials Finals for a trial period of two years to be reviewed at the end of that period. This will involve English National 11 to 14 Regional Competitions where participants would qualify for the English National 11 to 14 Championships. The initial proposal was approved and the amendment was rejected.

6. Martin Ireland (Young People and Volunteers Programmes Manager) gave a presentation on the progress of the review of table tennis competitions in England. He requested further feedback from the previous circulation by 31st May. Full details of the review
will be circulated to all Local Leagues and posted on the website in the near future.

7. The Treasurer submitted his Financial Report for 2008/9 including a forecast up to the end of March which, following discussions, was approved by Council.

8. The Treasurer submitted a draft Budget for 2009/10 with Expenditure of £4,466,300 against an Income of £4,480,400 which showed a significant increase in income and expenditure from last year namely over £1,800,000. A number of questions were answered by the Treasurer with regard to this budget and his verbal report.

9. The Treasurer proposed on behalf of Management the Allowances/ Honoraria and Fees for 2009/10. Some amendments were proposed and approved by Council. Full details will be circulated.

10. Council agreed there would be an Extraordinary General Meeting held on Saturday 27th June 2009 to consider propositions regarding Child Protection Rules.

11. Updates were given on Individual Affiliation by the Membership Committee and some concerns were raised with regard to the process of Fees approval. Rule Change Propositions concerning the Membership proposals were amended and approved in the
name of National Council. They will be proposed at the Annual General Meeting in June.

12. Details of the Individual Affiliation Process document will be circulated to National Council as soon as it is finalised and a document will be circulated widely to the membership prior to the AGM.

13. The Criminal Records Bureau Checking Policy was discussed and finally agreed with the request that and an attempt be made to cut down the CRB checks required as the question of CRB portability was of concern to many coaches and administrators.

14. Discussions took place with regard to the Terms of Reference of the Disciplinary Committee and it was agreed that further legal advice should be obtained.

15. All reports circulated to members of National Council from members of the Management Committee can be found on the website.

16. A paper was submitted about the Laws of Table Tennis and it was agreed this matter should be looked at for further debate.

17. A paper was submitted on the CRB and Licence Policy which will be discussed at Management for further debate at Council.