Friends for now but a potential QF between Baggaley and Pitchford

The draw has been made for the English Senior National Championships with a few interesting ties ready to be played out over the first weekend in March.

In the men’s singles competition the top five seeds were always likely to result in one huge quarter-final and this has proved the case. If they win their respective round one and two matches then Liam Pitchford and Andrew Baggaley could meet at the quarter-final stage – what a prospect that is in a potential repeat of the 2010 final.

In the qualifying stages youth meets experience and it will be interesting to see how the English juniors get on. One group that stands out involves Lewis Gray against George Downing in group 8. Gray, the junior number three, was beaten in the UK School Games by Downing back in September.

In the women’s event Joanna Parker and Kelly Sibley remain top favourites while the qualifying groups throw up another interesting tie with the cadet pair of Tin-Tin Ho and Maria Tsaptsinos meeting yet again to continue their rivalry.

The girl’s under-21s features a host of competitive qualifying groups with all the players standing a great chance of progress.

The boy’s under-21s is headed by the English number One Liam Pitchford who will face Mike Fraser and Jarred Knowles in his group.

For all the rest of the draws including the veteran’s singles and men’s, women’s, veteran’s and mixed doubles click the link below.




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