Joshua Morgan and Daniel Bullen were joint players of the tournament at the SportsAble Grand Prix at Cippenham.

Morgan won gold medals in the combined Class 8, 9 & 10 competition on Saturday, plus the standing doubles with Craig Allen. He then followed up by winning the Standing Open band A & B competition on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Bullen won the wheelchair doubles alongside Cellan Hall and also took the Wheelchair Open title, plus silver behind Nicko Anderson in the combined Class 3, 4 & 5 event.

Shae Thakker with his medals
Shae Thakker with his medals

Shae Thakker was also a multiple medallist, winning golds in the Junior Standing and Standing Open Band C events, plus silver behind Morgan in the Class 8, 9 & 10 compeition.

And Adam Gittings returned home with three medals – winning the Class 11 event and taking two bronzes – as did Tamlan Eastwood, including gold in the Class 6 & 7 combined.

Full results – Saturday
Men’s Class 1 & 2: 1st Thomas Matthews, 2nd Richard Barton, 3rd Marc Bonnar.
Class 3, 4 & 5: 1st Nicko Anderson, 2nd Daniel Bullen, 3rd Lucie Bouron.
Class 6 & 7: 1st Tamlan Eastwood, 2nd Alex Bland, 3rd Ryan Morton.
Class 8, 9 & 10: 1st Joshua Morgan, 2nd Shae Thakker, 3rd Craig Allen.
Class 11: 1st Adam Gittings, 2nd Ashley Wray, 3rd Simon Green.
Junior Standing: 1st Shae Thakker, 2nd Alex Bland, 3rd Tamlan Eastwood.
Wheelchair Doubles: 1st Daniel Bullen & Cellan Hall, 2nd Richard Baton & Thomas Matthews, 3rd Nicko Anderson & Lucie Bouron.
Standing Doubles: 1st Craig Allen & Joshua Morgan, 2nd Simon Green & Paul Waumsley, 3rd Adam Gittings & Ashley Wray.

Wheelchair Open: 1st Daniel Bullen, 2nd Lucie Bouron, 3rd Thomas Matthews.
Standing Open Band A & B: 1st Joshua Morgan, 2nd Paul Waumsley, 3rd Adam Gittings.
Standing Open Band C: 1st Shae Thakker, 2nd Tamlan Eastwood, 3rd Ryan Morton.