Helshan Weerasinghe - good singles and mixed doubles wins today

Day 7 – As usual the first full day of Individual play at the  Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality European Youth Championships is a very busy day indeed with no less then 10 different events being contested for. Starting with the Singles events

There is nobody left in the Junior Girls Singles, Karina Le Fevre stood 3-1 up in games and 9-9 in the fifth game but she lost the next two points and all the positiveness went out of her game from then on and Nataly Rysman from Israel capitalised on that to win the the last two games as well to take the match 4-3. Lucy Davidson was out gunned by Sibil Rezmi of Bulgaria in 4 straight games as was Chloe Whyte by Alix Durcik of Serbia.

In the Junior Boys Singles David McBeath took the scalp of Michal Benes of the Czech Republic, he now will face Romain Lorentz of France the No 6 seed in the third round tomorrow morning. Liam Pitchford will face Dimitar Atanasov of Bulgaria just after David’s match tomorrow to begin his quest for the Junior Boys Singles championship.

Two excellent results in the Cadet Boys Singles, Helshan Weerasinge took a 4 straight game win over Ron Borover of Israel while Igor Morais came out on top in a full seven game battle with  Gael Vende of Switzerland, Igor took the match 11-7 in the seventh and last game.  Helshan now will face Patrik Vlucuskca of Slovakia the no 25 seed while Igor faces Tristan Flore of France, the no 4 seed in the third round tomorrow.

Also in the Cadet Boys Singles Sam Walker found Jorge Costa of Portugal too hot to handle and went down in 6 games, the Portuguese took the first three, Sam recovered to take the next two but the Portuguese finished very strongly to take the match 4-2

The Cadet Girls Singles saw Tin Tin Ho win the battle of the 11 year olds as she defeated 11 year old Florence Vanacker of Belgium in 7 sets, it went set for set to the seventh from where Tin Tin took the match 11-7. Tin Tin will now face Andelija Ratic of Serbia the no 31 seed tomorrow

Emily Bates had another 7 set encounter in the Cadet Girls Singles but it went the way of her Polish opponent Sylwia Pawlak  in the end. Emily won the first two sets but her opponent was getting more and more effective as each game progressed  and the third went to Emily only by 20-18, in the next four games Emily fought hard but the Pole had just the upper hand, she reeled of 4 consecutive games to win the match 4-3.

Tressa Armitage put up a tremendous display going down the the German Nina Mittelham, the No 29 seed, it was only 5 games but every single game was really close and with a little good fortune Tressa might well have greatly extended the match

In the Junior Mixed Doubles, David McBeath and Karina Le Fevre lost a really close one 12-10 in the fifth game to a Danish pair  Asbjørn Reenberg and Mie Jacobsen. No 6 seeds, Liam Pitchford playing alongside Krisztina Ambrus of Hungary had no difficulty disposing of the Russian pair Nikita Kirillov and Tatiana Ryabova in three straight games.

In the Cadet Mixed doubles Sam Walker and Emily Bates had a excellent 5 game win over the No 9 seeds Joao Geraldo, Portugal and Ekaterina Guseva, Russia. It looked like the English pair had won in the 4th game as they stood 7-5 ahead, but an excellent time out by the Portuguese Coach resulted in 6 straight points to the Portugal/Russia pair. In the fifth set the English pair were never headed and finished in style. In the third round they faced No 31 seeds Kilian Ort and Nina Mittelham, first two games to the Germans each at deuce was followed by a third game in which the English pair dominated, it was not to be however as the Germans ran out 11-8 winners in the fourth game.

Another excellent result in the Cadet Mixed came from Helshan Weeerasinghe and Tressa Armitage who beat the no 28 seeds Qui Dang of Germany and  Gabriela Amelina of Lithuania. Helshan and Tressa won in four games dropping just the second in an excellent performance. In the third round they faced a Spanish pair Adrain Morato and Nora Escortin who were just that bit better than the English pair and the Spaniards ran out comfortable winners in three straight sets

Our third Cadet Mixed pair, Igor Morais and Tin Tin Ho found the Hungarian pair of  Adam Szudi and Csillla Nagypal just too strong in the second round, the English pair took the first game but the Hungarians responded to take the next three games and with it the match.

In the Junior Boys Doubles Liam Pitchford playing alongside Gergey Perei of Hungary, the no 10 seeds, were given a real battle by Diogo Carvalho and Tiago Duarte. The seeds were 2-1 down after three and won the match 15-13 in the fifth set. The other English pair Sean Cullen and David McBeath had no answer to Konrad Kulpa of Poland and Philipp Kuimov of Russia losing in three straight sets.

In the Junior Girls Doubles Natilie Slater and Chloe Whyte had no answer to Danes Mie Jacobsen and Stefanie Christensen who were comfortable winners in three straight games. Karina Le Fevre and Lucy Davidson beat a Montenegrian pair in the first round, Iva Jankovic and Szenana Culafic, in the full five sets and will play tomorrow in the second Round.

The two Cadet Boys Doubles pairs never really got started Michal Pavolka and Patrik Vlacuska of Slovakia beat Kim Nillsonof Sweden partnering Sam Walker of England, it took the full five games but the Slovakian pair took the fifth game 11-2. Igor Morais partnering Jorge Costa of Portugal lost to Leonardo Mutti and Alessandro Biaciocchi of Italy, the number 5 seeds, in three straight games

In the Cadet Girls Doubles, Tin Tin Ho partnering Nikki Eerland of the Netherlands could not cope with Rikke Norskov Sorenson of Denmark partnering Viktoriya Melnikova of Russia, the two very young girls lost in three straight games but both the second and third games went to deuce. Tressa Armitage and Emily Bates did win their first round match against Kim Vermaas and Marieke Van der Kamp of the Netherlands – in five tight games the English pair triumphed 12-10 in the fifth game to move forward to the second round tomorrow.

Photo Helshan Weerasinghe – good singles and mixed doubles wins today – courtesy Henk Hommes


Junior Girls Singles

2nd Round

RUVMAN, Nataly (ISR) beat LE FEVRE, Karina (ENG)   8-11 12-10 7-11 4-11 11-9 11-8 11-2

DAVIDSON, Lucy (ENG) lost to  REMZI, Sibel (BUL)  3-11 2-11 11-13 5-11

WHYTE, Chloe (ENG) lost to DURCIK, Aliz (SRB)  7-11 4-11 1-11 6-11

Junior Boys Singles

2nd Round

BENES, Michal (CZE) lost McBEATH, David (ENG)  6-11 9-11 11-3 7-11 11-7 4-11

Cadet Boys Singles

2nd Round

COSTA, Jorge (POR) beat WALKER, Sam (ENG)   11-5 12-10 11-2 8-11 9-11 11-2

MORAIS, Igor (ENG) beat VENDE, Gael (SUI)  11-8 11-8 8-11 11-6 5-11 9-11 11-7

BOROVER, Ron (ISR) lost to WEERASINGHE, Helshan (ENG) 8-11 4-11 6-11 5-11

Cadet  Girls Singles

2nd Round

BATES, Emily (ENG) lost to  PAWLAK, Sylwia (POL)  11-6 11-8 20-18 6-11 9-11 5-11 6-11

HO, Tin Tin (ENG) beat VANACKER, Florence (BEL)  11-5 6-11 11-7 9-11 11-3 7-11 11-7

ARMITAGE, Tressa (ENG) lost to MITTELHAM, Nina (GER) 13-15 11-9 9-11 11-13 10-12

Cadet Mixed Doubles

2nd Round

WALKER, Sam/BATES, Emily (ENG) beat
GERALDO, Joao (POR)GUSEVA, Ekaterina (RUS) 7-11 11-9 11-5 8-11 11-8

QIU, Dang (GER)/AMELINA, Gabriela (LTU) lost to
WEERASINGHE, Helshan/ARMITAGE, Tressa (ENG) 7-11 11-8 9-11 8-11

SZUDI, Adam/NAGYPAL, Csilla (HUN) beat
MORAIS, Igor/Tin Tin Ho (ENG)   9-11 11-3 11-5 11-7

3rd Round

WALKER, Sam/BATES, Emily (ENG)  lost to
ORT, Kilian/MITTELHAM, Nina (GER)  11-13 11-13 11-4 9-11

WEERASINGHE, Helshan/ARMITAGE, Tressa (ENG) lost to
MORATO, Adrian/ESCARTIN, Nora (ESP)  11-8 11-3 11-4

Junior Mixed Doubles

2nd Round

PITCHFORD, Liam (ENG)/AMBRUS, Krisztina (HUN) beat
KIRILLOV, Nikita/RYABOVA, Tatiana (RUS) 11-8 11-9 11-8

REENBERG, Asbjørn/JACOBSEN, Mie (DEN) beat
McBEATH, David/LE FEVRE, Karina (ENG)  8-11 11-6 8-11 11-6 12-10

Third round

PITCHFORD, Liam (ENG)/AMBRUS, Krisztina (HUN) beat
SERETTI, Damiano (ITA)/RUVMAN, Nataly (ISR) 11-7 11-3 11-6

Junior Boys Doubles

2nd Round

ANDREWS, Richard (ENG)/OEIJ, Patrick (NED) lost to
NOVOTA, Samuel/FIGEL, Jakub (SVK)  7-11 4-11 8-11

KULPA, Konrad (POL)/WISNIEWSKI, Tomasz (POL) beat
McBEATH, David/CULLEN, Sean (ENG)  11-4 11-9 11-8

PITCHFORD, Liam (ENG)/PEREI, Gergely (HUN) beat
CARVALHO, Diogo/DUARTE, Tiago (POR)  10-12 11-7 12-14 11-5 15-13
Junior Girls Doubles

2nd Round

SLATER, Natalie/WHYTE, Chloe (ENG) lost to
JACOBSEN, Mie/CHRISTENSEN H., Stefanie (DEN) 11-4 11-9 11-9

LE FEVRE, Karina/DAVIDSON, Lucy (ENG) beat
JANKOVIC, Iva/CULAFIC, Snezana (MNE)  11-9 5-11 11-13 12-10 11-7

Cadet Boys Doubles

1st Round

PAVOLKA, Michal/VLACUSKA, Patrik (SVK) beat
NILSSON, Kim (SWE)/WALKER, Samuel (ENG) 11-2 8-11 8-11 11-8 11-2

MORAIS, Igor (ENG)/COSTA, Jorge (POR) lost to
MUTTI, Leonardo/BACIOCCHI, Alessandro (ITA) 3-11 5-11 3-11
Cadet Girls Doubles

1st Round

BATES, Emily/ARMITAGE, Tressa (ENG) beat
VERMAAS, Kim/VAN DER KAMP, Marieke (NED) 13-11 8-11 11-2 7-11 12-10

HO, Tin Tin (ENG)/EERLAND, Nikki (NED) lost to
NORSKOV SORENSEN, Rikke (DEN)/MELNIKOVA, Viktoriya (RUS) 4-11 12-14 10-12


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