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Leamington worthy winners, Oxford 3rd

Leamington (Timmy Cooper, Lee Dorning, Solomon Hayes, Sam Weaving) were worthy winners in a very competitive event, just ahead of Coventry (Aaron Riley, George Allison, Sam Coombes). All matches were of a high standard.

Fabian Audifferen found himself promoted into the Oxford Junior team and showed how much he has improved over the last few months to be able to compete at this level. Oxford were well beaten by Coventry and Leamington, but two wins against Birmingham from Jonah Stott and one each from Simon Price and Fabian led to a 4-1 victory, and hard fought draws against Gloucester and Newbury were enough to secure a 3rd place finish overall.

Final Table:

1) Leamington    W5                      Pts 10         20-5
2) Coventry        W3 D1 L1            Pts 7           16-8
3) Oxford           W1 D2 L2            Pts 4           11-15
3) Birmingham    W2 L3                 Pts 4           11-15
5) Gloucester      W1 D1 L3            Pts 3           9-17
6) Newbury        W0 D2 L3            Pts 2           11-18

Instant K/o Winner Tiefion Chamberlain (Newbury), R/Up Timmy Cooper (Leamington)

Karl Bushell