All leagues should by now have received an E-mail with the details on how to start that leagues version of Membership Manager. If you have not yet received this E-mail then contact the ETTA General Secretary to provide him with a working contact E-mail so that he may resend your message.

Two general queries have been common in the first day or so

My data is not fully up to date – a full synchronise of the Connect database was performed last night, if you league is missing members then either those members have not paid and therefore are not on the database or there are missing associations for existing members on the database. You can use Membership Manager to find any members that are on the database already and associate them with your League and you can add members that are not already on the database.

If you have additional members or members with incorrect data just delete/change them as appropriate and these changes will be replicated into the Connect database immediately.

Note Online payment for 2010/11 Fees is no longer available. Unpaid 2010/11 Fees will have to be paid through the Membership team on 0845-0500388

How do I request League Manager as well as Membership Manager – Contact the developer at TT365 – Chris Dangerfield. There is a contact page within Membership Manager help for this purpose