The inaugural 12 members of the Members’ Advisory Group (MAG) have been appointed and will meet for the first time next month.

The appointments were made following interviews with 26 short-listed candidates held over four days by an Interview Panel of volunteers.

The 12 MAG members are: Craig Bryant, Kevin Buddell, Joanne Green, Neil Hurford, Brian Kean, David Maddison, Dean Nabarro, Sandy Nash, Raj Patel, Steve Pratt, Stuart Sherlock and Dan Simms.

Click here to visit the MAG page, including profiles and photos of the members

They have been appointed for either two-year or three-year terms, in order that the entire group does not come up for re-appointment at the same time.

The members of MAG represent all areas of table tennis. Although divided between six ‘functional’ roles (covering coaching, technical officials, competitions, clubs, leagues & counties and schools) and six ‘player’ roles (covering all levels), the intention is for MAG to work constructively as part of a team.

The group’s first meeting will be held during the National Conference in Leicester on the weekend of March 30-31. The group members will be in attendance throughout the conference to meet delegates – click here to book a place.

The implementation of MAG was one of the key recommendations of the Independent Review Panel which was set up to undertake an independent review of Table Tennis England’s governance.

The main role of MAG is to provide strategic advice to the Board, as well as providing a channel by which the table tennis community can raise strategic issues to be considered by the Board.

The Interview Panel comprised nine members: Steve Burge, Peter Charters, Charlie Childs, Graham Frankel, David Hockney, Gail Johns, Jos Kelly, Gary Whyman and Caroline Williams.

Graham Frankel said: “It was good to work with skilled and experienced colleagues from a wide range of disciplines and with vast experience of table tennis on the selection of candidates for the Members’ Advisory Group.

“The selection group worked well together and we were happy to have received applications from such a strong field of candidates.

“The MAG now has an exciting but challenging task ahead, and anyone who has an interest in the development of the sport in England should follow their progress closely.”

Gail Johns added: “It was heartening to find people who are passionate about the development of table tennis. After the interviews, I feel inspired that the future of table tennis is moving in the right direction.”

Table Tennis England Chairman Sandra Deaton said: “MAG is an important addition to our sport’s governance and I’m pleased to see a diverse group of people selected to represent our members.

“I’m confident they will work constructively and creatively as part of a team and play a key role in driving our sport forwards for the benefit of our current members and future members.”