If you are a club with more than 50 members and actively involved in development activities – either with particular age-groups or with your local community – we’d like to invite you to participate in an online discussion session.

The Members’ Advisory Group (MAG) provides advice to the Table Tennis England Board on key strategic issues in table tennis. As part of providing advice to the Board we seek the thoughts and feedback of the membership.

One current MAG project focusses on clubs and clubs’ development. Clubs are key drivers of development and we are engaging with clubs to find their views on how their role can be facilitated and accelerated. We’ve already run three engagement sessions with about 35 clubs. The online format has worked well, and we’ve already got some excellent input covering competitive structures, commercial sustainability, links to mass participation programmes, and lots of other topics

Feedback from the clubs participating have been very positive as the following comments indicate:

“A great initiative by MAG who are carefully listening to the needs of clubs.”
Jon Bayliss, Draycott TTC, Derbyshire

“The clubs engagement workshop was a very useful and interesting session. The questions were specific and relevant to the challenges we are facing. Our views were listened to and I am optimistic they will be incorporated into the final MAG recommendations.”
Mark Roper, Ashford TTC, Middlesex

“This is a great initiative by MAG and I recommend any club with developmental aspirations to take part, adding your own club to the conversation and potentially picking up ideas that have been successful elsewhere.”
Graham Trimming, Cippenham TTC, Slough

We’ve made a good start, but we would like to hear a wider range of views and ensure that as many clubs as possible have the chance to contribute. Hence this invite to clubs that are already of significant size (50 members or more) and actively engaged in development activities.

We expect this fourth session to involve between 10 and 20 clubs along with members of MAG who are themselves experienced in club development. A Table Tennis England member of staff will also be involved in this session to hear about the topics raised by clubs and where they would benefit from more support.

If you would like to participate in an engagement session on behalf of your club, please contact the Chair of MAG, Neil Hurford, by emailing [email protected]

Please identify your club and your role within it – Chairman, Secretary, Development Officer, Coach etc.

We look forward to hearing from you.