The quarterly report from the Members’ Advisory Group (MAG) is now available and can be downloaded by clicking here.

This has been a period of high activity for MAG covering all aspects of our role – undertaking projects, raising key strategic issues with the Board and engaging with the wider table tennis community.

The highlight has been the extensive engagement activities we have been involved in during the period:

  • Counties & Leagues – all counties have been offered the opportunity to have an online discussion with MAG. This has provided a chance for participants to hear about MAG’s current activities as well as giving counties and their constituent league the opportunity to shape our future work programme. The opportunity for counties to have online discussions with MAG remains open
  • Clubs – we are engaging with leading clubs on how they can be assisted in their development role. Twenty-five clubs have already engaged in the process through two online discussion sessions. A number of key issues have been identified that Clubs feel will help strengthen their development role. Plans for the third session are now under way.
  • “Ask Us Anything” – MAG suggested to the Board that they take advantage of the popularity of TT discussion programmes on Facebook/YouTube to hold their own discussion programme to respond to issues of concern to members. The Board fully embraced this suggestion resulting in the “Ask Us Anything” programme on Facebook on September 6. A member of MAG helped structure the format of the programme, whilst another MAG member chaired the session. We are encouraging Table Tennis England to build on this initiative.

We have also recruited seven new members of MAG. This has widened our skill-base and increased our diversity, thereby improving the robustness of the Group. We have also completed a project on “Volunteers & Volunteering” – the report will be published shortly. Two members of MAG – Juliet Bertie and Steve Bertie – will participate in a forthcoming TTE initiative on Diversity & Inclusion.

The next quarter will see us broaden our engagement activities through our MAG Live! Initiative. This will see us making extensive use of social media and online discussions to proactively engage with the table tennis community.