Lewis and the Girls Keep Ship Afloat

Circumstances conspired to leave the Oxfordshire Junior Team shorn of four players, as they took on Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Buckinghamshire in one fell swoop at Cippenham on Sunday. Ethan Ball, Luke Jobling and Kavan Warrender substituted, but it was left to Lewis Sumner, Kristelle Brook and Chloe Yau to keep the sinking ship afloat, which they did in style.

That said, the whole team was outclassed by Surrey (10-0). Thereafter Lewis won all his matches, and Kristelle and Chloe won most of theirs. Luke and Ethan picked up a solitary win each in the 8-2 victory over Wiltshire.  Lewis and the girls achieved a 5-5 draw with Bucks. Lewis won both of his matches in the 3-7 loss to Sussex, but had to miss the final match (2-8 v Hampshire) in order to return to Grantham, where he attends the Sixth Form/Table Tennis Academy. The team finished fourth out of six.