There were some particularly good performances in the latest batch of Leicester Table Tennis League’s Elbow Tankard results including six from six by Samuel Radenhurst for Electricity whose undefeated return helped his team to a 14-6 victory over Park Attendants in Group A.  Charlie Bateman chipped in with three out of four as well as the same score in the doubles.

Park and Ride who reached the final last year have struggled somewhat this time around but secured a 10-10 draw with Parsons in Group C.  Star of the show was Park and Ride’s Eddie Lyons who was unbeaten in his four singles, Jamie Mullineaux chipping in with 3 and Jake Crocker 2.  A team effort from Parsons found Raja Rahul with 3/6, Shreya Mehta 3/4 plus 3/4 in the doubles, Daniel Wilcock gaining the all important one singles to share the spoils.

Park Keepers are still looking good in Group B thanks to 5/6 by George McClurkin and 3/4 by Dean Jordan.  Patrick Cox won four of his singles in a 15-5 win over Nomadics for whom Andy Burnham gained three out of six.

Steve Bessant won all four singles and had a hand in winning three of the doubles when Park Strollers beat Syston Casuals 15-5 in Group C.  Aman Rashid with 5/6 and 4/6 from Robert Geary added up to an excellent team performance.

When Vicars beat Blaby and Whetstone 12-8 all three of the latter’s players, Jack Angrave, Phill Hinson and Paul Hinson won two as well as two from the doubles but the difference was a five out of six return for Jabar Singh for the victorious Vicars in Group A.

Another Group A result saw Park Rangers, defending champions, maintain a winning streak with a 13-7 victory over Vicars who thus lost twice in the same week.  For Rangers Abraham Lam won 4/6, Martin Pember 3/4 while an unbeaten doubles return also weighed heavily towards the win.

John Bowness.

Publicity Officer (August 1, 2013)