The Group B match between Abbots and Park Keepers in the Leicester Table Tennis League’s Elbow Tankard shows what this competition is all about with its unique handicapping system bringing the relative abilities of all players within reach of each other.

It was not quite a draw as Abbots won 11-9, and this was despite four from six from Keeper’s Patrick Cox, the most successful player.  Abbots had strength in depth with both Vishal Parmar and Geoff Hancock winning three out of six and Derek Noon two of his four, and it was the three out of four doubles successes that just gave the winners’ the edge.

There were two draws in the latest results to underline how close it all is with Park Attendants sharing the spoils with Nomadics, also in Group B, with Andy Burnham grabbing a fine 5/6 for Nomadics in the 10-10 result.

Also 10-10 were Villagers and Desford Try Hards in Group A when Kelvin Herbert scored 5/6 for Villagers, supported by 4/6 from Kevin Truman, while Keith Adams scored 3/4 for Desford but, more important, gained all four games in the doubles which are very important in the middle of the match.

John Henshaw scored 4/4 in Syston Casuals’ 12-8 victory over Normal Nomads in Group C while Daniel Wilcock gained the only 6/6 return in the latest batch of results when his team, Parsons, defeated Park Strollers 14-6, with good support from Raju Rahul at 4/6.

The other result featured a 12-8 win for Park Rangers over Desford Try Hards in Group A.

John Bowness.

Publicity Officer (July 31, 2013)