Bucking the trend over the last thirty years or so the Leicester League actually added a division for this season.  Division Six is a half size one in having six teams instead of twelve but it has been a huge success with three brand new clubs involved, and three added teams to existing clubs.

The three new clubs were very much an unknown quantity with White Eagles the one seemingly more likely to do well as all their players were already hard at work in the local Serbian Society with plenty of players in the Midlands having a monthly league tournament of their own.  Thus was the case as they finish the first half in third position, just one point under the runners-up spot.

White Eagles have Jovan Matijas high in the divisional rankings while Zoran Djurkovic and very keen club secretary, Zeljko Koncarevic, above 50 per cent and Milan Dobrijevic has played a few matches to good effect.

However, the team ruling the roost so far is the predominantly young side of Knighton Park eleventh team.  Ben Smulczynski and Ben Stone lead the way and are both unbeaten at the top of the averages.  They are getting some excellent support from Jack Rogers and Richard Martin, while Kenny Obilsaro is providing the more mature presence.  Gordon Sanders is proving an inspirational non-playing captain.

Knighton Park are top with ten wins from ten matches, their worse result being 8-2 so far.  Second are Leicester Electricity sixth, a fair way behind KP and just one point ahead of White Eagles.  The Sparks had the misfortune in losing their star player for the moment in Harry White who has had a knee operation, but could be back on track in the New Year.  Meantime Alex Jefferis has been performing very well and is well up the averages.

The two other new clubs are Lutterworth Rotary and Winstanley Wizards who are both gradually finding their feet, while Regent Sports provide the only players in the division already graded which at least has helped assess the rest.  This includes the very experienced Ken Garratt who has lost only three sets so far.

The excellently organised Leicester Development League – effectively the Junior League – has completed its third session with the mid-season rankings decided.

Not surprisingly, with players in the higher reaches of the Leicester League, Knighton Park Scorpions won Division One.  Aman Rashid, playing in Division One of the Senior League, as well as two in Division Two: Jack Mooney and Eddie Lyons, were undefeated in beating their three rivals in the top division in this event.  All three won four out of four

Closest rivals were Harborough A who had both Rhys Emery and Ross Campbell winning their other sets and playing every match.  Four from six is a very good return at this level.

KP Tigers, Knighton Park’s third team, won Division Two when Amaan Ebrahim emerged undefeated while Ben Smelczynski won five from six.

Other players to emerge undefeated included Harry Deco (Hastings) in Division Three and George Parker who was unbeaten in Div Four for KP6.  Sufyaana Dhanji is showing great promise having been recently drafted into the Leicestershire Cadet team and she beat all comers in Division Eight for KP 14.

John Bowness, Publicity Officer. (December 11, 2013)