Fifteen teams entered the Elbow Tankard, Leicester Table Tennis League’s summer handicap competition, nicely split into three groups of five.  The handicaps are based on Leicester’s unique grading system which is still going strong after 52 years and is a testament to its accuracy.  These gradings are then converted into a sliding scale handicapping system that ensures all games are up to 21.

One of the stronger teams so far is that of Park Keepers in Group B who have scored two resounding victories, 15-5 against Nomadics and then 16-4 over Electricity.  George McClurkin is in great form with six out of six games against the latter and four games in the other match.  The team also has two youngsters coming through in Ashley Palmer who won his four singles and featured well in the doubles against Nomadics, while Patrick Cox did well against the Sparks by winning three out of four and doing well in the doubles.

The format for each match is three two-game sets for two players while the other plays two singles and two doubles, one with each partner, needing good depth for team victories from the 20 games.

Russell Pettitt, by winning all four singles games and three out of four doubles, belied that and was a decisive factor of Electricity’s 12-8 win over Park Attendants, also in Group B.

Results so far:

Group A: Park Rangers 8, Villagers 12.  Villagers 13, Blaby and Whetstone 7.  Vicars 11, Park Rangers 9.

Group B: Park Keepers 16, Electricity 4.  Electricity 12, Park Attendants 8.  Nomadics 5, Park Keepers 15.

Group C: Syston Casuals 8, Park Strollers 12.  Park and Ride 10, Syston Casuals 10.  Parsons 12, Park and Ride 8.

John Bowness.

Publicity Officer.