Knighton Park Table Tennis Club, the only club of its kind to have its own premises in the county thanks to an impressive grant from Sport England about eighteen months ago and who are also an Elite Club with Table Tennis England, had its Annual Meeting after a first full year in the new building which boasts ten tables on club nights and coaching sessions.

It was a confident meeting with all officials retaining their titles for another year including Chairman, David Morley, and Secretary, Gordon Sanders, both very much leading by example. Karen Smith, the Treasurer, reported that the crucial targets set a year go were both healthily the right side of the battle lines drawn in that expenditure was down on what was forecast, while income was very much up due to an almost doubling of membership.

Highlight of the meeting was the installation of chief coach, Shirley Pickering, as a Life Member as a think you for many years of tremendous work with, in particular, juniors. Pickering also qualified nationally as a level three coach, again the result of very hard work.

Group A of the Leicester League’s summer competition for the Elbow Tankard found that 10-10 draws were the order of the day.

Chris Parmar-Saville was the star of the first match, being the only one to win four from six for Park Rangers against Villagers for whom Phil Tomlin did well to win three from four, although Rangers took the doubles 3-1 which was enough to secure a share.

Vicars against Nomads also finished 10-10. For the former Aftab Gaffar won four from six, mirrored by the same from Nomads’ Trev Hawkins. Siab Ahmed won three from four for Vicars but Nomads did best in the ever crucial doubles to nullify with three out of four for a fitting result.

In the same group Villagers followed up their draw with a 14-6 victory over Park Strollers with Terry Highton in fine form in winning five from six. But Phil Tomlin was again in tremendous form to win two out of two singles and all four doubles before hurting his back which meant he had to give up his last two singles.

In Group B Park Attendants rule the roost at the moment having won three in a row, but all others have matches in hand. Attendants bear Desford Dynamo’s 13-7 and Electric City 15-5 with Patrick Cox winning five from six each time. John Bowness also did a high five as well as all six against Dynamo’s, while Angela Bowness featured in winning all four in the doubles against Electric. For Electric Charlie Bateman was on the plus side with four from six.

John Bowness
Publicity Officer (July 7, 2014)