All matches in the Leicester & District summer competition for the Elbow Tankard have been completed, except one in Group C and it looks as though this will not be played as no date has been offered. Luckily, the result would not have made any difference to the outcome.

Group C was the one section that needed to be decided and the one match played resulted in a 15-5 victory for Park and Ride over Casualties when James Lancaster won five from six and Shirley Pickering all four singles and doubles.

The latter has played in every doubles for her team and has the best record from all three groups having won 17 from 20. Vijay Lad won three from four for Casualties.

In Group A, Abbots All Stars had already topped the chart but their final opponents, Knighton The Town, might have secured the best runner up spot across the three groups for a semi-final place.

However, Abbots had Eiz Eddin Al Katrib in good form, winning his four singles, while Geoff Hancock and Vishal Parmar each won three. For Knighton, Martin Pember did well to win four but found Al Katrib a step too far.

Group B had three matches outstanding, but all were played, including a draw for chart toppers, KP Young Ones against Fleckney Flames. The 10-10 result came about because the Young Ones could only field two players, their other two being on holiday. Brajesh Patel won six and Vishaal Sharma four for KP.

None of the other teams could do enough to grab the best runner up spot. Abbots Renegades beat Ian’s Wizards 12-8, Chetan Tailor five from six, and then the Wizards defeated Flackney Flames 13-7 when Dan Andrews took five from six, Ted Eastman three from four. Jason Prescott won four for the Flames.

Semi-final draw: Abbots All Stars v Electric City; KP Young Ones v Park and Ride.

This pairs off the two Knighton Park teams, with KP Young Ones favourites to win overall, having juniors who have all progressed beyond their current grading numbers.