Leadership Award in table tennis

If you have a Sports Leaders UK award in Leadership and are interested in table tennis then you can become a ‘Table Tennis Leader’ with a three-hour technical skills development module, which will enable you to lead sessions in table tennis.

Alternatively if you haven’t got a Sports Leaders qualification you can gain this through your school, local council sports set-up or contact Sports Leaders UK and they will provide you with details of courses in your local area

Course content

Two common Modules for all NGB’s for Sports Leaders:

1 – Developing communication skills – This module introduces learners to the basics of communication. Through fun, practical activities learners will begin to see why communication is so vital to effective leadership and understand how to communicate successfully in a leadership scenario.

2 – Organisational skills – This module tackles the issues surrounding planning and organising. Learners will discover how the planning process works and why good organisation can mean the difference between success and failure as a leader.

Please see Sports Leaders UK specific module details and completing the first 2 modules of the leadership course at www.sportsleaders.org/awardsqualifications/awards/ngb-leadership-awards

3 – Table Tennis Specific Sports Module – 3 hour module

–        Warm-ups in table tennis

–        Table tennis skills development

–        Rules of table tennis

–        Running a competition in table tennis

–        Leading sessions in table tennis

Key Information

The minimum age to participate in a leadership course is 13 years of age and no leadership experience is required, just an interest in the sport

For further details in your area please contact your Regional Coach or Regional Manager (LINK of their contact details) or alternatively contact the coaching department on [email protected]