World Champion boxing brothers Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko have added their names to the ‘celebrity table tennis list’ by admitting they play ‘every day’ to keep their reflexes sharp before a fight.

Vitali, who is set to face British fighter Dereck Chisora on February 18th, has revealed that a daily table tennis session with his brother Wladimir helps in his preparations before a big encounter. The delicacies of table tennis not necessarily something you would associate with 200+lb fighting machines who are used to strapping their hands up to avoid damaging them too severely.

Vitali said: “To help reflexes I work with catching table tennis balls off a table and I enjoy playing ping-pong. I play every day and I like the game very much.”

He added: “Table tennis helps me prepare for fights. Sometimes I play my brother Wladimir. He is also very good. Last time he beat me but the time before that I won.”

So who wants to knock-up with two of the most feared boxers on the planet? An entertaining miss-match would surely see Liam Pitchford take on the pair in a ‘David vs Goliath’ style table tennis match. Given that Liam is currently playing in Germany – the destination of Vitali’s next fight, perhaps a gentlemen’s agreement can be reached.

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