During Safeguarding Adults Week 2021 we’ve been highlighting resources and sharing thoughts around how we can better safeguard adults in table tennis. Here’s some examples of the positive impact table tennis can have on lives – but a reminder that it’s not the case for everybody.

Take a look at all the resources available to ensure that you are educated and aware of how to best safeguard adults in your club, league or organisation so we can create more positive stories like the ones below.

Des Douglas – England International and table tennis legend: “Table tennis gave me a direction in life allowing me to have a real purpose and, thanks to my achievements, a good quality of life without its influence and support I may have taken a different path. It has allowed me to travel the world and made me a better person.”


Photo credit: imagecomms

Megan Shackleton – Paralympic medallist: “Sport has impacted my life positively since I was a child. It’s given me purpose to my days, and taught me about the importance of discipline and setting goals.”


Sara Sutcliffe – Chief Executive of Table Tennis England: I see every day the impact that table tennis has on people of all ages and abilities, from every walk of life. Whether playing socially or competitively – or both – it is clear that the physical, emotional and social aspects of the sport are a force for good in so many people’s lives.


Tom Purcell, Board Member & Umpire: “Local league table tennis has allowed me to enjoy a sport I have been playing for over 50 years. It has kept me active, meeting friends and colleagues on a regular basis. I have qualified as an international umpire and this has allowed me to travel abroad meeting and umpiring the best players in the world. As a Board member of TTE I understand the responsibilities of the organisation to its members and also players who just want to play socially and have a good time with friends.”


Maureen Hazell, Welfare Officer, Sussex County TTA:

“Table tennis has given my children so much not just competitive success but personal confidence and lifelong friendships. The sport is something that will be with them for life as it’s a game that all ages can enjoy. Getting involved with coaching and being the safeguarding officer for our league and also our county has allowed me to support new players and parents alike. It’s very rewarding to see young players develop, parents often ask for advice and definitely appreciate the support. Safeguarding is a vitally important role and I’m enjoying learning new things whilst being able to “give back” to the sport.”