Rd 1

All winners in round 1 of the girls singles progressed through with ease, with all score lines being either 3-0 or 3-1. In round 2 they will have to come up against the top seeded players, with Karina Le Fevre the favorite, but as is common place with these types of tournaments the form book isn’t always correct.

Travis bt. Smith 3-1
Jackson bt. Gray 3-1
Milwain bt. Yasmin 3-0
Collier bt. PEI 3-1
Ould bt. Ashley 3-1
Neil bt. Taylor 3-0
Kirby bt. Miah 3-0
Dawson bt. Robinson 3-1

Rd 2

The top 4 seeds Le Fevre, Davidson, Armitage and Whyte remain in contention as does the diminutive Tin-Tin Ho who is looking to add to her wealth of titles.

Le Fevre bt. Smith 3-0
Ho bt. Jackson 3-1
Milwain bt. King 3-1
Whyte bt. Collier 3-1
Armitage bt. Ould 3-1
Neil bt. Hoang 3-0
Kirby bt. Torkington 3-1
Davidson bt. Dawson 3-1