Vicky Smith with 2012 Wildcard Champion Chloe Whyte

This season the Junior and Cadet Masters events have been brought forward from April/May to January/February as the results from these events can now be used sooner for best value on selection matters.

The early notification of this change is because the first event to contribute towards Masters Qualification is the Sussex 4* tournament  – the closing date for which is 24th August.

The Cadet and Junior Masters this coming season are six weeks apart rather than the usual two.

The Juniors must play in one of two 4* events: The Sussex and/or the Stockton. The Cadets have one extra 4* available for qualification – the East Midlands.

In both cases the Nationals is included in the criteria for Masters Qualification, both events will be held at the Burton Uxbridge Club in the Midlands.

Entry form for Sussex 4*

Find more information on the criteria for qualification here for Junior Masters and Cadet Masters

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