The English selections for the upcoming Junior & Cadet 6 Nations tournament have been announced with a strong squad that is full of international experience.

The eight-man team will head to Preston’s Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre to take on Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Guernsey and Isle of Man on 8-10th March.

Last time out at the Isle of Man, the English Junior & Cadet sides won six of the eight individual and team titles available with only the junior boys and junior girls missing out.

This time the pressure to reclaim those titles sits on English favourites George Downing and Maria Tsaptsinos’ shoulders respectively.

Junior & Cadet Home 6 Nations, Preston 8-10th March 2013:
Junior Boys: George Downing and Sam Mabey
Cadet Boys: Alec Ward and Luke Savill
Junior Girls: Maria Tsaptsinos and Lois Peake
Cadet Girls: Emily Bolton and Letitia McMullan
Coaches: Nick Jarvis, Stephen Gertsen, Paul Whiting and Sally Shutt