Shock disqualification for Jenkins

Ryan Jenkins has fallen foul of the authorities and has been disqualified from his qualifying group after ‘a small piece of wood was found missing on side on bat from collision with edge’.

The Welsh star released the information on Twitter after winning both his qualifying games but being disqualified for the strange circumstance.

Jenkins (318) beat Jung Sam Lee (119) from Korea 4-1 (11-4, 6-11, 11-9, 11-4, 11-7) and also beat Emiliien Vanrossomme from Belgium but will not play alongside Paul Drinkhall and Andrew Baggaley in the next round after the technicalities.

Jenkins added on his Twitter: “It would have been nice to join [Paul Drinkhall] and A Baggs in next round. Good luck to them.”

Vanrossome was also disqualified during the event.

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Charlotte Carey also tweeted a picture of the offending item below:

The offending bat