Jakub Piwowar has been selected to join the Eurotalents Under-13 group, meaning he will receive coaching support from the European Table Tennis Union for the next year.

The 11-year-old from Torquay, was among only 10 boys and six girls chosen to join the programme after a final selection camp.

He was also the only English player to be invited to the week-long camp in Slovenia which, along with the Euro Mini Championships, formed the basis of selection.

Table Tennis England Director of Sport Simon Mills said: “Congratulations to Jakub on being selected for this programme, we look forward to seeing him progress as a player as a result.”

Players and coaches at the selection camp in Slovenia

A total of 37 youngsters from 14 countries attended the camp in Otocec and those chosen to join the programme were:

Boys: Rares Cuesdan (Romania), Tiago Abioudin (Portugal), Uri Almor (Israel), Lucas Trascu (France), David Socxhor (Czech Republic), Ivan Kahn (Netherlands), Adil Ahnadzada (Azerbaijan), Jindrich Moravek (Czech Republic), Jakub Piwowar (England), Julijan Rzihauchek (Austria).
Girls: Gaetane Bled (France), Cristina Singeorzan (Romania), Marina Combo (Portugal), Faustyna Stefanska (Germany), Maria Berzosa (Spain), Alesia Sferlea (Romania).