Jade’s Olympic Torch story

Jade Carr,  from Runcorn is a member of Halton Table Tennis Club. The 18-year-old had a heart transplant at the age of three but she went on to be the British & World Transplant Games champion at table tennis (plus badminton and athletics).

She now has over 40 medals.

Jade, who coaches table tennis in her spare time, said: “After having my heart transplant when I was three I have become to realise the importance of transplantation and how being given a second chance at life is an amazing gift. I hope to continue to promote organ donation through competing at the British European and World Transplant Games showing that it is possible to live a ‘normal’ life to the full after transplantation.

I also want to continue to coach young children and show the importance of sport in a fit and healthy lifestyle. To be able to carry the Olympic Torch was a huge honour for me and being part of the Olympics in this way would be a privilege and an opportunity to promote organ donation to the country as this is something very important to me and the reason I am here today.”

Jade carried the Torch on Friday 1 June along Edge Lane, Liverpool.

Jade is one of a number of table tennis related Olympic Torch-Bearers including junior internationals Vicky Smith and Yolanda King as well as ‘the experienced’ 91-year-old Betty Gray.

Karen Tonge MBE

Halton TTC Chairman