Jack Pegram has just got back from the World Junior Games in Dubai where he won a silver in the table tennis singles event and understandably he is really happy with his results, here is what he has to say about it:

The event was the World Junior Games held in Dubai from 14th to 21st April. It was supported by HH Sheikh Crown Price of Dubai who was at the opening ceremony.

There were 220 athletes from 21 countries competing in 3 sports, which were table tennis, athletics and powerlifting. The 6 countries in the table tennis competition were; GB, Taipei, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Iran and Iraq.

I won my games quite easily 3-0, then came the final against Obama from Jordan who won all of his matches without dropping a single set, which was impressive. The country Jordan won all of the different class events as they have got great players. The order of the medals were 1st Jordan, 2nd GB and 3rd Iraq.

It was a great experience and I had a bit of time to see Dubai, which I think, is a cross between Disneyland and Las Vegas only with lots more money splashed around.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Jack Pegram