Our next female story of the day is that of Priya Samuel, a Table Tennis England Board Director and successful business woman.

What is your involvement in table tennis?

“Currently, I’m known for being a Table Tennis England Board Director and member of the Table Tennis England Diversity Action Committee and its sub-groups. A few years ago, I was the BUCS Sports Programme Manager for Table Tennis. I’ve also watched Table Tennis at a number of Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games.”

What do you enjoy most about table tennis?

“I enjoy that anyone can pick up a bat and play the game, be it with their friend socially, on holiday, at a club environment, outdoors or indoors. It’s a sport which appeals to a lot of people and across all backgrounds/demographics. 

Have you faced any challenges as a female in table tennis?

“I wouldn’t say I have faced challenges through my involvement.” 

Have you faced any challenges as a female outside of table tennis?

“Being a woman for some is a big challenge! Women and girls should feel comfortable to play sport or take up physical activity. We all need to call out gender bias, the more we all do this, the more likely change will take place. Try new sports, find one that appeals to you. Have confidence in yourself and support your sisterhood. As a female you may find you need to be resilient and persistent, do it and make the change!”

What’s your biggest accomplishment in table tennis?

“Part of my role is to inspire women and girls to have the courage to play table tennis, to become a coach, umpire, table official or volunteer. If you want to play, learn to coach, officiate or volunteer – please do get in touch there are plenty of opportunities around for you and you will be supported.”

What’s your biggest accomplishment outside of table tennis?

“This is a hard one to answer, developing the PE framework as part of an international programme which introduced school PE into a sub-Saharan African Country is up there; as is introducing safe, quality, sustainable and fun sport for children through new junior netball and other sports clubs.”