The new membership year is upon us, meaning it is time for players to renew their memberships and licences for the 2019/20 season.

Fees for the season remain the same as 2018/19 after the Board recommended a fee freeze, which was approved at the recent AGM.

It means that Player Membership will cost £16 for Seniors and £8 for Cadets or Juniors and the Player Licence will cost £38 for adults and £19 for juniors and cadets. Associate Membership will continue to be free of charge. As a reminder, associate members are not eligible to play competitive table tennis, but can play at their clubs or socially.

These affiliation fees help fund an incredible amount of important work at grass roots level, as well as helping us unlock other funds so we can spend more on grass roots. In fact for every £1 of membership fee income we receive, we invest £2 supporting grass roots table tennis, which amounts to almost £1 million annually.

That’s why we say that when you buy a membership with us you become more than a player – you become part of a bigger picture, part of the fabric of table tennis in England.

CEO of Table Tennis England, Sara Sutcliffe, said:

When you buy a membership with Table Tennis England, you are not just buying a number of benefits for yourself, you are helping to develop and safeguard the future of table tennis at all levels.

To help you understand where your membership fees go, please read the ‘How your fees support our sport’ article. To find out what we’ll be doing for grass roots this season, see below.

How to renew online:

The easiest way for players to purchase their membership is online and choose the auto-renew option. This means payment will automatically be made from the players account on an annual basis, to save the inconvenience of manually completing payment each year.

To purchase your membership for 2019/20 season please click here.

For help on how to renew, please watch the below video tutorial.

If you have not yet logged into the system, you will need to recover your account first and re-set your password. To do this, you can use the recovery widget.

Want to renew by telephone?

Please note that membership and renewals for the 2019/20 season are currently available online only. Telephone renewals will be available from Thursday August 1, 2019.

What will we be doing for grass roots in 2019/20?

Some of our programmes and activities aimed at grass roots participation will include:

Be TT: our club and league development programme will be supporting 53 clubs and 12 leagues who made applications through the latest Be TT funding round this season. It will support projects to develop shorter format leagues, grow women and girls participation or increase under11 participation through TT Kidz. Another round of applications will open later in the 2019/20 season.

Back to TT: We will be launching the Back to TT programme in 2019 to attract people of all ages back to the sport, who may have played the sport many years ago in a league, school, youth club or just on holiday. Clubs and leagues will be able to deliver Back to TT from October/November 2019. The Bat and Chat programme targeting participation in the 50+ age group remains available for clubs and leagues to utilise.

TT Kidz: Our new youth programme, TT Kidz, is launching, providing a fun eight-week programme that introduces the great game of table tennis to youngsters of all abilities. Clubs will be delivering TT Kidz across the country throughout the year. Through our partnership with Premier Education, TT Kidz will also be delivered in schools across England through their network of Activity Professionals.

Women & girls: Our Female Ambassador programme and Female Coach Scholarships will be rolled out over the course of the 19/20 season, with both initiatives being used to grow female participation in the future. Participation initiatives will also be developed over the course of the season to continue to grow the number of females taking part in our sport.

Coaching: We will continue to create an accessible learning environment for coaches to grow and continue to learn. Following on from a successful launch of the new Level 1 course with average course numbers rising from 11 to 17, these will continue to be rolled out across the country to grow the number of coaches at grass roots level. Over the next 12 months we will also be developing and re-launching the Level 2 course in a similar way to ensure a more interactive learning experience over the course for participants and to increase the number of coaches progressing through the coaching pathway. We will continue to create an accessible learning environment for coaches to grow and continue to learn.

Officiating: The Be Part of it programme developing a diverse pool of umpires in preparation for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham will continue, with mentoring and ongoing development support being provided predominantly to young umpires under the age of 25 and female umpires or prospective umpires. Level 1 Umpire, Tournament Organiser and Referee courses and training will continue to be rolled out throughout the year.

Satellite Clubs: We will be investing just under £37,000 to develop 35 new satellite clubs, working with clubs and partners to develop new opportunities for almost 1,000 11-25 year olds.

Regional Conferences: We will be travelling across the country offering Regional Conferences to provide opportunities for clubs, leagues & table tennis volunteers to come together, share best practice and take part in a series of workshops all designed to support the development and growth of the sport.

TT Clubs: We will be continuing to offer TT Clubs (ClubSpark) as a solution for club management and will support clubs to get started with the platform.

TT Leagues: We will continue to develop the TT Leagues platform in response to feedback from leagues, with phase two development beginning in September.

Season Review – 2018/19

We’ve had some fantastic highlights and achievements this year – and we hope you have your own too.

For a look back over the year and what we’ve achieved, watch our end of year review video below.

Some of the highlights we mention include:

  • The launch of TT Kidz, which aims to encourage more 7-11 year olds to take up table tennis, and saw over 40 clubs sign up to deliver in year one.
  • The second year of Be TT, our club and league development programme, which funded 84 projects.
  • Over 110 delegates attending our National Conference.
  • Over 10,000 pupils competing in school competitions, sponsored by Butterfly.
  • Liam Pitchford achieving his career-best ranking (No.14) beating a number of big names on his way, including recent world No 1 players Ma Long and Dimitrij Ovtcharov.
  • Table tennis being awarded £275,000 by UK Sport to support athletes in their journey to reach the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.
  • Exceeding Sport England’s participation target for our Ping! work, with an estimated 1.4 million visitors to public tables over the summer and over 1 million visitors to Ping Pong Parlours.