When you buy a membership with Table Tennis England, your fees help us to underpin and develop the sport at all levels.

In the latest in our series of videos, two of our members describe how their membership has helped them, their clubs and the sport in general.

More than 13,000 members have so far renewed their membership for the 2020/21 season – we thank you all for your commitment to and support of our sport!

Membership renewals are now open, both online and over the phone – click here to find out how to renew or join.

We understand that we are asking you to renew during a time of uncertainty about when you can return to play, however we ask you to please show your support for a sport we all love by renewing your membership with Table Tennis England.

We are currently working towards a September 1 date for the resumption of local leagues. Click here to find out more.

Steve Ambler, secretary of Stilton TTC, who appears in the video, said: “I’ve got nothing but positive things to say about Table Tennis England. The way they have kept things going through the crisis has been excellent, I’ve got nothing but praise for it.

“I run a Bat & Chat session for seniors and I’ve put in for a grant to help us return to table tennis. We’re going to have a back to table tennis day when we can and then resume our weekly sessions. Hopefully the grant will cover 14 weeks up to Christmas.

“I’ll use that opportunity when we start up to get more of our members registered and show the advantages of Table Tennis England membership.

“I’ve also taken my Level 1 coaching course and I found it a really good course, I really enjoyed it. I’ve also been a judge in the Pride of Table Tennis.

“The accessibility of Table Tennis England is brilliant, people always get back to you and help you with queries.”

Kate Hughes of Colebridge TTC said: “I play Senior British League and Women’s British League and being a member enables me to have my insurance and the benefits that come with that – and I do always look to see what the discounts are.

“Table Tennis England have offered support to my local club Colebridge through the PremierClub affiliation scheme which has multiple benefits for clubs.

“From a coaching point of view, the webinars have been brilliant. We’ve had other coaches, players, people from other sports, and the insight from them has been really good. Having my membership and my coaching licence has enabled me to access those. It’s also engaged coaches with each other during lockdown.

“I’m doing my Level 3 and we have a ‘buddy’ system with other coaches to help and mentor us, which is really good.

“I’ve recently applied for TT Kidz funding and we’ve not done that before and it will attract young players into physical activity.

“I like the weekly messages we get on a Friday, that weekly bulletin about what’s going on in the sport, particularly if you’re working full time and you’re too busy to check the website.

“I know the not knowing has been hard on members, but I’ll be renewing my membership and if we don’t get to play, then we don’t get to play. I’ll play when it’s safe but I fully appreciate that things still need that support for things to tick over and be in place for the future.”