Darius Knight gave a scintillating performance at the Hunts 2 Star Open to clinch his third successive title in the fourth year of the Hunts Championships.

He saw off Chris Doran in a fierce battle to take the top prize. This was after just squeezing past Mike O’Driscoll in a five-set semi-final and Adam Jepson in four at the quarters.

In the bottom half of the draw, No 2 Seed Doran had a very close call against Adam Nutland. Nutland seemed to have the upper hand but could not finish it and finally lost in the fifth. Doran also fought hard against up and coming star Naphat Boonyaprapa in the quarters.

In the Women’s events, Polish star Malgorzata Muda gave a commanding performance to overcome Katie Holt (Hants) to secure the top prize, having already taken the Women’s Band 1 title in a smashing final against local girl Charlotte Boston (Cambs).

The Men’s Band 2 title was won by Adam Jepson (Cambs) over Michael Bree (Staffs) in the fourth. Men’s Band 3 saw Ben Warner (Essex) beat Joseph Goss (Norfolk) in straight sets. Resurgent Martin Gunn (Avon) took the Veterans’ title in the final against local player Mirek Pazdzior (Cambs).

On the Saturday, the junior events gave a preview of things to come from the next generation of talent. In the Junior Boys’ final, Sam Chesterman (Cambs) overcame Nathan Butler (Lincs) in a fast-paced five-set final of fabulous counter-hitting.

Chesterman overcame David Busari (Kent) in a topsy-turvy semi-final after losing the first two ends -8, -2 to triumph 9, 10, 9. No 1 seed Nathan Butler saw off James Kelly (Cambs) in the semis before finally succumbing to Chesterman in the final. The Junior Girls was won by Charlotte Boston over Katie Holt.

On Saturday, Cllr Debbie Townsend, Deputy Mayor of St Ives, and Victoria Parchment of sponsors Alconbury Weald attended to present prizes. Top Spin Sports also sponsored the tournament.

On Sunday, Sandra Deaton, Chairman of Table Tennis England, attended with Cllr Daryl Brown, Deputy Mayor of Huntingdon.


Junior Boys (24 entries) Sam Chesterman (Cambs) beat Nathan Butler (Lincs) 7, -2, -9, 7, 7

Junior Girls (6 entries) 1st Charlotte Boston (Cambs) 2nd Katie Holt (Hants)

Cadet Boys (20 entries) Naphat Boonyaprapa (Derbys) beat Sam Chesterman (Cambs) 5, 7, -9, 3

Cadet Girls (4 entries) 1st Katie Holt (Hants) 2nd Alana Mansfield (Kent)

U13 Boys (14 entries) Naphong Boonyaprapa (Derbys) beat Mahmood Kelani (Kent) 9, 8, 4

U13 Girls (3 entries) 1st Alana Mansfield (Essex) 2nd Helena Dicken (Staffs)

U11 Boys (6 entries) 1st Naphong Boonyaprapa (Derbys) 2nd Felix Thomis (Berks)

U11 Girls (4 entries) 1st Isobel McGerty (Suffolk) 2nd Abigail Facey (Cambs)

Men’s Singles (67 entries) Darius Knight (Surrey) beat Chris Doran (Northants) 12, -7, 7, -5, 7

Men’s Band 2 (26 entries) Adam Jepson (Cambs) beat Michael Bree (Staffs) 8, -9, 8, 8

Men’s Band 3 (40 entries) Ben Warner (Essex) beat Joseph Goss (Norfolk) 9, 8, 8

Veteran Men’s (20 entries) Martin Gunn (Avon) beat Mirek Pazdzior (Cambs) 8, -7, 8, 11

Women’s Singles (12 entries) Malgorzata Muda (Poland) beat Katie Holt (Hants) 8, 9, 7

Women’s Band 1 (12 entries) Malgorzata Muda (Poland) beat Charlotte Boston (Cambs) 7, 7, 5