Welcome to Around the Table, our series of articles on our work to promote and support table tennis around the country. In this edition, the spotlight is on how our Loop initiative is helping to get staff at workplaces across the country playing table tennis.

What is Loop at Work?

It’s all part of our campaign to get more people playing table tennis regularly. Loop at Work is the best way to introduce table tennis into the workplace.

We’ve teamed up with Sport England and equipment suppliers to offer superb ‘Beat the Boss’ packages which include tables, bats, balls, and resources including games ideas, ladder boards, knock out cups and an office trophy.

Table Tennis is a great way to improve health and wellbeing amongst staff in businesses. It is shown to increase social interaction and cross-departmental relationships (for the benefits of both work and pleasure) and table tennis has a great knack for involving and engaging people who are normally happier to reside inside their shells or shy away from sport or physical activity.

How many packages have been sold – and what sort of workplaces are buying them?

More than 150 to date, and the workplaces involved range from household names to small and medium-sized enterprises. The big names include Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, Macmillan Cancer Support, Asda, Virgin Media, The Jockey Club, Environment Agency and many more.

How are they encouraging staff to join in?

There are all sorts of tournaments and events going on, from inter-departmental leagues and ladderboard competitions to team-building events and charity fundraisers.

Some companies have weekly table tennis sessions, while lots of businesses have their table available for free play throughout the day for employees to take a short break away from the desk and let off some steam.

At BrightHR, who got #INTHELOOP earlier this year, staff arranged a Ping Pong Sport Relief fundraising event and invited students from the University of Manchester’s Table Tennis Club into their offices to provide a little bit of coaching, before the big tournament got under way.

Meanwhile, Form IT have also introduced table tennis into their office – and you can see the results in this video:

How do I get my workplace in the Loop?

If you would like to get your business in the Loop visit click here to view the table packages and download an order form. If you would like more information please email [email protected] or call 01908 208887.

Is Loop only available to workplaces?

No. The other packages already available are Loop on Campus for Universities and Loop in the Clubhouse for sports clubs. Loop in the Bar and Loop in the Community are coming soon.

More information about all the Loop offers can be found by clicking here