International Women’s Day occurs every year on the 8th March. It aims to help forge a gender equal world. The day celebrates women’s achievements and increases visibility, while calling out inequality.

Only 12% of Table Tennis England’s members are women and only 16% of table tennis coaches in England are female – it’s clear that we need to embrace change in our sport, to make women and girls feel valued in our sport and to encourage more women and girls to participate.

What will Table Tennis England be doing?

1. Women and Girls Webinar

On the 8th March 2022 at 7pm we will be hosting a webinar to celebrate International Women’s day. This years theme is #BreakTheBias.

The first half of the webinar will be a panel discussion, highlighting different women in table tennis and how they are breaking the bias. The second half will be an update on the future vision of how we aim to increase the number of Women and Girls involved in table tennis.

Sign up to the webinar here.

2. Promoting existing Women and Girls sessions in the lead up to and throughout the week of International Women’s Day. Do you run a regular Women & Girls session? Tell us about it here so we can include it on our map and in our promotions.

3. Launching a Women and Girls in table tennis Facebook group to encourage sharing of knowledge, ideas, issues and to create a space and community for women and girls in our sport.

4. Sharing our vision for the future of Women and Girls in table tennis.

5. Backing the #BreakTheBias campaign utilising women and men across our sport.

What can your club or league do to help?

  • Tell us if you run a regular Women and Girls session and we will help promote the session in the run up to and during the week of International Women’s Day! Click here to tell us a few details about the session.
  • We would love to hear about any success stories of engaging more Women and Girls into your club or league! Share with us success stories about Women and Girls at your club or league by sending them to [email protected]
  • Help us promote and raise the profile of women and girls in table tennis by sharing #BreakTheBias photos using this template provided by IWD.

If you have any questions about Women & Girls in table tennis, or if you are thinking of setting up your own sessions please get in contact with [email protected] for support.