Table Tennis England are currently looking at how we recruit, welcome and retain volunteers within clubs across the country.

As part of this process we are inviting clubs to come forward to support this piece of work and bring together good practice and examples of what works well and equally what doesn’t.

We would love to hear from clubs that have a thriving volunteer structure and also clubs that have struggled to recruit and retain volunteers.

What’s involved for clubs

A Table Tennis England member of staff will meet/phone your club to look at how you currently both recruit and then subsequently welcome/retain volunteers within your club. This is likely to be over 2-3 visits/phone calls.

Once we have been able to look at how clubs currently recruit, welcome and retain we will work with you to look at what an ideal environment looks like for a volunteer and ensure volunteers feel valued, supported and proud as they begin and continue to volunteer in table tennis. We will also work with you to test different volunteer recruitment methods to find out what works for recruitment of volunteers for table tennis clubs in England.

Get involved

If your club would be able to/would like to get involved then please complete the form below or contact Greg Yarnall, Table Tennis England Head of Workforce by emailing [email protected], if you have any questions about what might be involved.

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