Handicap Winner Harry Watson with Mayor of Halton Shaun Osbourne

Twelve-year-old Harry Watson stole the show at the Halton Table Tennis League Championships, winning five events and finishing runner-up in another.

He was closely followed by Mal McEvoy, who was a winner of four categories and part of the league title winners and Handicap Team winners Fords A.

McEvoy topped the league averages, winning all 38 matches to achieve a 100% record, supported by team-mates Ken Connor, Paul Kinsey, Phil Luxon and Denise McEvoy.

Runcorn Sports Club B won the Second Division, with Kevin Ingham on his return to the League topping their averages winning 22 out of 23 matches. He was supported by Mike Clare, Katy Ingham, Sheldon Phillips and Paul Ingham.

The Mayor of Halton, Councillor Shaun Osbourne, who is President of the league during his year of office, presented the awards during the event at Select Security Stadium, Table Tennis Centre Widnes.

Karen Tonge MBE, Chairman, thanked the Mayor for the support he had given during the year, attending many table tennis events held at the Halton Table Tennis Centre.

* Halton Summer League entry forms are now available. Matches are played once every two weeks at Halton TT Centre. New teams are welcome.

Men’s Singles

Action from the Men's Singles final

Mal McEvoy (Fords), despite being unwell, beat Ryan Lunn (Halton TT Club) 5, 9, 8 to retain the title he won last year.

In the semi-finals, McEvoy (Fords) beat Steve Rowe (Fords) 8, 6, 4 and Lunn (Halton TT Club) beat Ken Connor (Fords) 5, 10, 5.

Handicap Singles

Two under-15 players reach the final. Connor Whitehead, in his first season, narrowly losing in three closely fought games to Harry Watson despite taking an early lead.

Result: Harry Watson (Halton TTC) on +0 beat Connor Whitehead (Halton TTC) +2 (0-2 up to 21) -13, 12, 11.

Open Doubles Final

Mal McEvoy (Fords) this year combined with his son Daniel McEvoy (Fords) to beat team-mates Ken Connor & Steve Rowe, although it was very close until the 5th game which they dominated.

Result: Mal McEvoy & Daniel McEvoy beat Ken Connoor & Steve Rowe -11, 7, 6, -6, 2.

Kevin Higgins Memorial Trophy (hard bat)

Ken Connor (Fords) beat another first-time Halton League player Winston Duff (Daresbury) 3, 11 in the hard bat event played best of three to 11 in memory of Kevin Higgins, who was an expert with his hard bat.

Veterans’ Final

Mal McEvoy (Fords) returned to the floor to beat Winton Duff (Daresbury) 5, 10, 5.

Junior Singles Final

Ryan Lunn (Halton TTC) retained his title, beating 12-year-old Harry Watson (Halton TTC) 8, 10, 3.

Most Promising Junior Award winner Robyn Cosgrove with the mayor

The Most Promising Junior Award for the Stan Woodward Cup went to Robyn Cosgrove (Halton TT Club), a member of the Cheshire County Junior and Cadet Teams and winner of the Cheshire Schools title.

Divisional champions 2014-2015
Division 1 – Winners: Fords ‘A’; Runners-up: Runcorn SC ‘A’
Division 2 – Winners: Runcorn SC ‘B’; Runners-up: Widnes RUC ‘C’

Division One winners Fords A

Team Handicap Knock-out
Winners: Fords ‘A’ won by 4 points; Runners-up: Halton TTC ‘B’

Divisional Singles
Division 1 – Winner: Mal McEvoy (Fords) 11, 6, 7; Runner-up: Ken Connor (Fords)
Division 2 – Winner: Harry Watson (Halton TTC) 9, 5, 4; Runner-up: George McDonnell (Widnes RUC)

Halton Non League Junior Event
Winner: James Grindley (Halton TTC) 14, 6, 9; Runner-up: Matthew McCarthy (Halton TTC)
Consolation Singles – Winner: Molly Anderson (Halton TTC)
Mixed Doubles – Winners: Harry Watson / Robyn Cosgrove (Halton TTC)-9, -10, 3, 11, 15; Runners-up: Ken Connoor (Fords)/ Karen Tonge MBE (Halton TTC)
Hard Bat Doubles (Daniel Trophy) – Winners: Mario Giove (Halton TTC) / Jordan Abbott (Widnes RUC) 9, 10; Runners-up: Steve Rowe (Fords)/ Jordan McGarry (Widnes RUC)
Under-15s – Winner: Harry Watson (Halton TTC) 13, -7, -11, 6, 6; Runner-up: Robyn Cosgrove (Halton TTC)
Under-13s – Winner: Harry Watson (Halton TTC) 3, 10, -7, 1; Runner-up: Bradley Fox (Halton TTC)
Under-11s – Winner: Bradley Fox (Halton TTC); Runner-up: Lucy McColm (Halton TTC)
Over-60s Singles – Winner: Mario Giove (Halton TTC); Runner-up: Sheldon Phillips (Runcorn SC B)

Karen Tonge MBE
April 27, 2015