There is still time to get entries in for the BTTAD Grand Prix event at Waterside TTC in Southampton on June 11 – with a new category for athletes with Down’s Syndrome.

Brighton TTC’s Harry Fairchild, who has Down’s Syndrome, has already entered and said: “I am looking forward to meeting new friends and some old friends at the match in Southampton.

“I want more people with Down’s Syndrome to play, we are all good players and we have good fun. I hope you come and I hope you win.”

The event will be split into four categories: Men’s wheelchair, women’s wheelchair, men’s standing and women’s standing.

It features Doubles, Junior Singles and Open Singles in three bands, plus Class Singles including the additional category 11C for athletes with Down’s Syndrome.

The closing date for entries is Saturday May 28 – click here for an entry form or more information.