Continuing with the junior focus for our Return to the Table campaign, running from 26th July to the 26th September, we are highlighting another inspirational young Women & Girls Ambassador, Tilly Simms. 

Tilly began playing table tennis at eight years old in Leeds, when her dad and brother got her to come along and train with them. Since then, the game has become a passion of hers and currently she plays for Ackworth TTC.

We asked Tilly why she became a Women & Girls Ambassador:

“I joined the female ambassador programme because I wanted to get more girls into table tennis because the sport is mostly dominated with boys. As a female ambassador I want to tell more girls and women about table tennis and hopefully inspire them.

“It is important to promote females in the game because there are not a lot of girls playing table tennis, but hopefully I can be part of the movement to change that.”

Tilly has big goals in table tennis:

“My goals in table tennis is to be ranked in the top 10 in my age group and maybe play for England sometime in the future.”

She’s also really proud of her achievements:

“One of my achievements in the female ambassador’s program has been supporting and encouraging girls at my local club. I achieve things in table tennis through lots of hard work, determination, and training. When I am competing or just training in table tennis my family is always there cheering me on!”

Asked for advice to other women and girls, Tilly said:

“The thing I enjoy about Table Tennis is attending my weekly training sessions where I can talk to different people and have fun. Some advice I would give to someone who wants to get involved in table tennis is definitely do it, table tennis is a really fun sport, and it is something everyone can do.

“Hard work and determination pays off.”

If Tilly’s story has inspired you to get involved with future Women & Girls opportunities in table tennis, then register your interest here by filling out this short form.