Halton Regional Table Tennis Centre will host the UK’s first ever joint disability and transplant table tennis tournament at the Select Security Stadium this weekend, run by the BTTAD.

Up to 100 sportsmen and women participate in BTTAD (British Table Tennis Association for People with Disabilities) contests nationwide.

It organises events up and down the country and supports Paralympic players on the international stage and comes to Halton on Sunday (October 4).

The event has been supported by Transplant Sport, run in partnership with Halton Table Tennis Club and is hoped to be a regular event up and down the country.

Halton Borough Council is hoping it will encourage a lot of disabled people in the area to take up sport with new classes at Halton Table Tennis Club on Wednesday afternoons from 1pm to 2.30pm, costing £2 for adults.

Younger players are welcome at Family Fun sessions Monday evenings 7pm-8pm, cost £1.50, while they learn how to play. These sessions are in conjunction with Table Tennis England grassroots programme for disabled athletes this includes wheelchair (class 1-5), standing (class 6-10) or learning disabilities (class 11).

Halton resident Jade Carr, a multi-gold medal winner in the UK, European Heart and Lung and World Transplant Games, who is competing in the transplant event said: “This is a great opportunity for those who have had the ‘gift of life’ to show what they can achieve, all because of their donors.”

Halton Borough Council Disability Sports Co-ordinator, Gareth Burke, said: “The fact Halton is hosting this event shows our commitment to disability sport in the borough. If anyone with a disability wants to take up table tennis or any other sport, get in contact.”

Mayor Cllr Ellen Cargill will be presenting some of the medals at the event.

The Chairman of BTTAD is Karen Tonge MBE, who runs the Halton Club as well as being an international umpire and referee.

Halton has a history of disability and transplant athlete success at table tennis, with Jack Hunter-Spivey on the cusp of making the Paralympic team for Rio next year.

Halton will be represented by Jordan Abbott and Jordan McGarry in the disability category as well as Jade Carr and Mark Allen in the transplant category.

The Chairman of BTTAD Competitions Dave Cochrane said: “I’m really pleased we have formed a relationship with Transplant Sport and I look forward to inviting them to future events in our grand prix series up and down the country. I’d like to acknowledge the drive and commitment shown by Jade Carr and Karen Tonge MBE for encouraging this alliance”.

This is the second ‘first’ for Halton this year, as it hosted the first satellite event for transplant patients, who usually only get to play other transplantees at the annual British Transplant Games.