The Independent Review Panel (IRP) leading the Table Tennis England governance review has issued guidance concerning the anonymity of responses to the online questionnaire.

Table Tennis England members have until January 20 to respond to the online questionnaire which forms the latest part of the independent governance review.

The IRP has issued a statement to clarify the position on the anonymity of responses to the questionnaire following a few queries on this issue.

The IRP’s statement is as follows:

  • Questionnaires of this nature typically avoid anonymity for good reason. Firstly, it’s important that the IRP knows the origin of each response to avoid it receiving multiple responses from the same person anonymously. Secondly, the origin of a response and, in particular, a responder’s role with table tennis can provide helpful context to the specific answers. Lastly, the IRP is keen to ensure that responses are genuine and constructive; anonymity can allow individuals to avoid replying in such a way – and that would be unhelpful to everyone.
  • However, the IRP would also like to clarify that it has no intention of sharing or publishing the origin of individual responses outside the IRP – it may find it helpful to refer more widely to the actual responses but not the origin of the responses.
  • The IRP hopes this note helps clarify the position and it would encourage everyone who has a view on the governance issues to share them with the IRP via the questionnaire – or by contacting the IRP in any of the other ways mentioned in its original message.

Members aged over 18 and who had not unsubscribed from communications should have received an email over the Christmas period, containing a link to the questionnaire.

Anyone who has not received the email may request a link to the questionnaire by emailing [email protected]