Kleber Silva was a double winner as 59 players took part in the second Burgess Hill 2 Star at the Triangle Leisure Centre.

He took the titles in both the under-16 and under-18 competitions at the event, which featured five age groups.


The under-16 medallists

Silva (E) was second seed in the 24-player event and progressed to the final defeating Yaj Vashee (Ha) 3-1 and Dexter Sherin (Sx) 3-0. Sherin had a good win over third seed Josh Gallen (Bk) in the quarters, 11-9 in the fifth.

Top seed Olly Tyndall (Gs) had a more difficult route to the final, overcoming Will Goodstone (Sx) 3-1 and then Gus Thomis (Bk) 12-10 in the fifth. Thomis had himself come through a close five-setter, beating Regan O’Neil (K) 11-9 in the fifth in the quarters.

The final was an easy win for Silva 3-0. Thomis had a third consecutive five-setter in the bronze medal match against Sherin and perhaps his greater experience of five-setters on the day pulled him through, as he won. Numayr Malik (E) beat Jamie Rosen (Mi) in the consolation final.


Under-18 champion Kleber Silva (left) with beaten finalist Gus Thomis

Silva again won this event, this time from the No 1 seed position. However, he did not have it as easy this time. In the quarters, he beat the luckless O’Neil in five sets, then Gallen 3-0 in the semis and lastly Gus Thomis 18-16 in the fifth in the final.

Thomis must be getting very used to five-setters, as he won his semi-final 14-12 in the fifth against second seed, Lucas Papantoniou (Mi). Papantoniou had narrowly avoided defeat in the quarters to Andrew Jackson (Sy), winning 14-12 in the decider. He beat Gallen in the third/fourth place play-off 3-1. Ben Towers (K) beat Malik in the consolation final 3-1.


The under-10 medallists

This was a round-robin group of six players and won by second seed, Louis Price (Av). However he had to pull out all the stops twice to defeat both Nikit Sajiv (Sy) and Felix Thomis (Bk) both by two points in the fifth set. Thomis defeated Sajiv for second place and Sajiv finished third. Scarlett O’ Neil (K) was fourth.


The top three players in the under-12s

Top seed Reece Chamdal (Ox) dominated this 16-player event and won without conceding any ends. He beat Jago Manning-McGeorge (Sx) in the quarters, Will McCarthy (K) in the semis and second seed, Ryan Darwen (Sx) in the final.

Darwen beat Jacob Evans (Sx) in the quarters 3-0 and Felix Thomis in the semis 3-1. McCarthy beat Thomis 3-1 for the bronze medal. Martines Angeliev (Mi) beat Greenhouse George Green clubmate Spencer Cunningham (Mi) in the final of the consolation event.


The under-14 medallists

In this 21-player event, again the No 1 seed won. This was Tyndall (Gs), who beat Ali Cangir (E), Rosen and Ben Worley (Sx) to get to the final. Worley did snatch a set, but lost 3-1. On the other side of the draw, Sherin, the second seed, made his way to the final with straight sets wins over Leon La (Mi), Jack Stockdale (E) and Vashee. Tyndall won the final 3-0. Vashee won the bronze medal match over Worley 3-0. Having beaten fifth seed, Alistair Smith (Sx) in the group stage, Luke Gallagher (Sx), went on to win the consolation event, beating Rokas Dedinas (E) in the final.

Summary of results

Under-10: 1st: Louis Price (Av), 2nd: Felix Thomis (Bk), 3rd: Nikit Sajiv (Sy).
Under-12: Main – Reece Chamdal (Ox) beat Ryan Darwen (Sx) 3-0 (11-5, 11-4, 11-7); Consolation – Martines Angeliev (Mi) beat Spencer Cunningham (Mi) 3-1.
Under-14: Main – Olly Tyndall (Gs) beat Dexter Sherin (Sx) 3-0 (11-5, 11-8, 11-7); Consolation – Luke Gallagher (Sx) beat Rokas Dedinas (E) 3-1.
Under-16: Main ­– Kleber Silva (E) beat Olly Tyndall (Gs) 3-0 (11-7, 11-5, 11-9); Consolation: Numayr Malik (E) beat Jamie Rosen (Mi) 3-1.
Under-18: Main – Kleber Silva (E) beat Gus Thomis (Bk) 3-2 (11-6, 5-11, 7-11, 11-9, 18-16); Consolation ­– Ben Towers (K) beat Numayr Malik (E) 3-1.

By Rory Scott (June 20, 2014)