Welcome to Around the Table, our regular look at the work Table Tennis England is doing to promote and support table tennis around the country.

This time, we take a look at The Winning Edge – our coaching magazine, the second edition of which has just been published.


What is The Winning Edge and who produces it?

The Winning Edge is a magazine which was created in 2015 for table tennis coaches. Coachwise and Table Tennis England work in partnership to develop the magazine to suit the Table Tennis England fraternity.

What does it aim to achieve?

The aim of the magazine is to produce a product that will help coaches to develop and hone their skills which in turn can help to develop clubs. It also seeks to inform coaches of different areas of coaching and new developments.

How is the content decided?

Through discussions within Table Tennis England departments to identify issues and topics which are of interest – for example, in the new edition there are mental health articles to complement the Health and Wellbeing charter.

Coachwise also work with us to select syndicated content from their Coaching Edge magazine and help make it Table Tennis specific.

Also, after the first edition of the magazine the survey results have started to shape the content moving forward – and we’re always keen to hear ideas from our coaches and other readers.

How is it distributed?

Around 400 copies are printed and sent out to clubs. Other than that, it is distributed electronically by email to individuals – most of whom are coaches.

What can we expect from the magazine in the future?

Table Tennis England are hoping that the magazine will grow in popularity and that more cross departmental stories can be used and that the magazine can become more interactive and video links were accessible.

Can I read the latest issue?

Absolutely – just click here

How can I get into coaching?

The best way to get into coaching is through accessing a coaching course which is found on the Table Tennis England website or through contacting a local club.