Gavin Rumgay admitted that he didn’t expect his side to get a result after their 4-4 draw with league leaders B-Batt Pavilion.

Barrow’s number one picked up two victories, including an epic five set win over Chris Doran, to guide his side to a point, with Craig Bryant and Scott Crawford both winning one each.

Relegation threatened Barrow astonishingly led 4-2 going into the final two games, but wins for Giovanni Le Borgne and Niall Cameron over Scott and Jonathan Crawford respectivley earned a draw for B-Batt, who surrendered their solitary point lead over Sycamore in the process.

Despite not being victorious, Rumgay declared it was a huge point for his side.

“It’s a bonus point so to speak. We got off to a good start and from there anything can happen. It’s only a short match so you have a high chance against any team in getting a draw. Everyone was very focused and the bench was very good and supportive too. I think when you play a good team like B-Batt it makes it easier for you to play well.”

It was Rumgay’s victory over Doran that was the spectacle of the match, with twists and turns seemingly coming as every point passed by. Rumgay surrendered a two game lead, but managed to take the decider 11-8. It was a victory that clearly pleased the Scotsman after a nervy period at the end.

“When you play against Chris you have to imagine playing Rafael Nadal. You could be two sets up but that’s only the beginning. You’re probably going to be on the table between 45 minutes to an hour, thankfully I’ve come through that match today. Chris had a very good record against me between 2009 and 2011. I’ve managed to win four of the last five but it will be a rivalry that will continue over the next few years. He’s improving and I’m getting a little bit better by playing matches in France too. But I was up to the challenge today and I’m happy to beat him.”

Scottish number 1 Rumgay pointed to tomorrow’s pivotal clashes with Kingfisher and Wymondham as the key to his team’s survival. English women’s number one Joanna Parker will return from Europe to play on the final day, and Rumgay declared that Parker would be vital to their survival.

“She’s a huge asset to this team. She doesn’t want to lose to anybody. She has a real belief and hunger that she can beat any of the men and that’s what we need in this team. Tomorrow’s a big day. We’ve got supporters coming and maybe even a few from Scotland, so it’s going to be a good day.”

Matthew Shaw
British League Press & Publicity Team