Sports Coach UK in partnership with the CSSN has updated theĀ Funding Opportunities for Coaching guide (see below). The guide contains information on funding available in England to support coaching.

We hope that you agree the guide will be extremely useful to your local and national contacts, and to your network of coaches. The previous guide was viewed 1,838 times on our website, proving that it is a popular resource. We would be extremely grateful if you could:

Communicate this guide to your colleagues (including regional and local teams) and networks of coaches, clubs and other partners

Feedback on the guide and how it can be improved

Provide examples of coaches using the guide to access funding

Future Guides?

We are continuing to make improvements to the guide and are working with SkillsActive to explore how their specialist funding knowledge around funding can add further value to the guide.

The guide can be found on the Sports Coach UK website here:

North East
North West
East Midlands
West Midlands
South & South East
South West