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For the next few weeks the photos will be themed with some information known and other bits missing, so any help with filling the gaps is, as usual, very welcome.

My thanks go to Jose and Alan Ransome for providing the images this week from the 3rd World Student Championships which were held at Thornaby Pavilion from September 7th-13th 1980. There are several well-known names internationally amongst the players, officials and coaches.

  • Andrzej Grubba of Poland who went on win three World Championships bronze medals, one European Gold in the Mixed Doubles, five silver and six bronze. Andrzej, one of the most delightful gentleman players, who I had the great pleasure of meeting at a Sussex Grand Prix, also won the World Cup in 1988, came second in 1985 and 1989 and third in 1987. In the Men’s Doubles with Leszek Kucharski he won a bronze medal in 1990. Andrzej was also European Top 12 Champion in 1985 and third in 1988 and 1990. Andrzej was well known for having the ability to change hands mid-rally. He died in 2005.
  • Leszek Kucharski, Poland. Leszek won one silver and two bronze medals at the World Championships, two silver and two bronze at the European Championships and a gold at the European Championships in 1977 at Junior level and with Andrzej Grubba, the bronze medal in the Men’s Doubles in the World Cup in 1990.
  • Mariann Domonkos of Canada, later became Mrs Adham Sharara. Women’s Doubles Champion, with Gloria Hsu, in the Commonwealth Championships in 1985 and gained three Mixed Doubles silver medals and a silver in the Women’s Singles. Mariann became Canada’s national coach for several years.
  • Glorai Hsu, Canada. Won the Women’s Doubles in the Commonwealth Championships in 1985 with Mariann Domonkos.
  • Adham Shahara, Canada. Went on to become President of the ITTF before becoming it’s Chairman.
  • Marta Csik of Hungary was European Youth Champion in the Junior Girls Doubles in 1972.

Photos 1-7 show different shots of various teams and players, some known whilst other information is needed.

Photo 1

1980 World Student Champs

Winner: Poland (Grubba and x). 2nd: Korea. 3rd: x, x


Photo 2

1980 World Student Champs

Winner: Marta Csik (Hungary). 2nd: x. 3rd: Right, Mariann Domonkos (Canada)


Photo 3

1980 World Student Champs

Winner: Canada (Mariann Domonkos, Gloria Hsu). 2nd: Hungary (Marta Csik and X). 3rd: x, x


Photo 4

1980 World Student Champs

Winners: Korea (X) and Hungary (Marta Csik). 2nd: x, x. 3rd: Poland (Andrzej Grubba and x), Canada (x, Mariann Domonkos)


Photo 5

1980 World Student Champs

Canadian Ladies’ team with captain Adham Shahara – Gloria Hsu, x, Mariann Domonkos.


Photo 6

1980 World Student Champs

GB team


Photo 7

1980 World Student Champs

Polish Men’s Team: Leszek Kucharski, Andrzej Grubba, x, x, with Dickie Jeeps, Chairman of the Sports Council


Photo 8

1980 World Student Champs

Alan Ransome interviewing Andrzej Grubba for the BBC.


Photo 9

1980 World Student Champs

There are a plethora of officials here. I think I can spot a young Tony Chatwin, Stuart Sherlock, Di Jermyn and Richard Scruton amongst others. Have you some more names?

If you could contact me with any information, in particular the players for the GB It would be much appreciated. Email [email protected]