Six photographs this week. A mixed bag with the colour image from what looks like my Local League in Hastings, their British League team? Several faces I do recognise in this one but not all.

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Can you help with any of the following? Please contact me on [email protected] with any information.

Photo 1

04-12-15 Scan 1

Brian Johns is in the centre but who are the other players and where and when was this taken?


Photo 2

04-12-15 Scan 2

England Internationals Jill Hammersley/Parker and Alan Hydes but who are they with and what is the occasion?


Photo 3

04-12-15 Scan 3

Players from the Southampton League but who are they and when was the picture taken?


Photo 4

04-12-15 Scan 4

Hastings League players with Scottish International and former CEO Richard Yule (far left) with England Internationals Nicky Mason, centre and Mike Johns, far right. Wesley Bush-Harris is also there. Can you name the other players?


Photos 5 and 6

04-12-15 Scan 5

04-12-15 Scan 6

Taken at the Rock U21 International Tournament. Can you name the players, venue and date?

Responses from November 27, 2015

Photo 1

27-11-15 img784

Mandy Reeves, standing, with Helen Williams (Middlesex). Mandy came from Langley, Slough and was England number 1-2 in the U11/12s in the mid 1970s.


Photo 2

27-11-15 img785

Ann Flowerday (nee Painter) of Middlesex at the News of the World Boy and Girl of the Year finals.


Photo 3

27-11-15 img786

George Gladwish, Sussex.


Photo 4

27-11-15 img787

Roger Chandler, Sussex legend who won the Sussex Closed Men’s Singles on many occasions.


Photo 5

27-11-15 img788

Linda Henwood now Linda Hales and Marilyn Bawden (nee Sangster), both Essex players at this time.


Additional Information for November 20, 2015

Photo 3

Miss L Phelps is Linda Phelps who married Rhys Evans and went on to produce Bradley, Myles, Gavin and Scott, three of whom went on to become England internationals at different levels.

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