Just two photos this week but with lots of players in them. Many thanks to Chris Bartram and Derek Sherratt for forwarding these. Although Chris and Derek have both given names for some of the players I thought I would see who can name the most people in the photographs – no prizes though.

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I had lots of responses to last week’s pictures and also information on the photo of October 16. Again, many thanks to everyone who sends information in. Could all responses be sent to my email address at [email protected]

Photo 1

06-11-15 Guinness school of sport Crystal Palace 1983


Photo 2

06-11-15 Image (3)

Responses from October 30

Photo 1 – Royal Air Force Germany 1988 Table Tennis Team

30-10-15 img753

Kevin Fudge, Air Commodore Bill Croydon, Sergeant Ken Philipson, Chief Technician Ken Scott, Sergeant Roy Claxton (a stalwart of Scottish Table Tennis, a coach and an International Umpire. Still winning medals and recently gained a silver medal at the Veterans Six Nations Over 60s), SAC John White, Corporal Richard Humphreys.


Photo 2 – Linda Wales, Sussex

30-10-15 img754


Photo 3 – Angela Maskell (Mock), Sussex

30-10-15 img755

Angela played in the Eastbourne League where she was Women’s Singles winner in 1978 and Ladies Doubles Champion 13 times between 1974 and 1990, several times partnered by Sheila King. Angela also won the Mixed Doubles four times in that league.


Photo 4 – Les Eadie, x, Dave Iszart

30-10-15 img756


Photo 5 – Cornwall’s New Junior County Champions 2000 – Michelle Turner and Chris Brown

30-10-15 img757


Response to Photo 5 of October 16

Irish Team Junior Team at the Lancashire Open, Queen Elizabeth hall, Oldham, April 28 1984

16-10-15 img747

From left to right: NPC Tommy Rowsome (coach to Colum Slevin, Annie Leonard, Eoin Byrne and many more internationals), Orla Stevenson, Kirstin Stafford, Colin Inglis, Andrew Dennison, Martin O’Flaherty, Sean Spelman, Ellen McManus, Caroline Anderson, NPC Eddie Limberg (former President of the Irish TTA).

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