A bit of fun this week.

I came across a programme from a European League Division 1 match between England and Turkey on February 14, 1989 at Crook Log Sports Centre, Bexleyheath, Kent. A match which England won 7-0.

There were some interesting player profiles. Can you match the interests of the players to the player? I wonder if their tastes have changed? Answers next week.

Skylet Andrew

13.05.16 1. Skylet Andrew


Alan Cooke

13.05.16 2. Alan Cooke


Alison Gordon

13.05.16 3. Alison Gordon


Lisa Lomas

13.05.16 4. Lisa Lomas


Nicky Mason

13.05.16 5. Nicky Mason


Carl Prean

13.05.16 6. Carl Prean


Player A
Favourite drink: Peach milkshake, wine with lemonade.
Favourite food: Pizza, Lasagne, MacDonalds Big Mac.
Favourite Pop Group: Early Duran Duran, Five Star.
Vices: Compulsive spender.
Hobbies: Playing bass guitar badly.
Relaxation: Watching videos and films, listening to music.

Player B
Favourite drink: Many! Beer, Wine.
Favourite food: Savoury.
Favourite Pop Group: Various – like most things.
Vices: Drink too much.
Hobbies: Most sports – having fun.
Relaxation:  TV, music, my friends.

Player C
Favourite drink: Pineapple juice and lemonade.
Favourite food: Pork chops, baked jam roly-poly.
Favourite Pop Group: Loose Ends, Eric B and Rakim.
Vices: Eating junk food.
Hobbies: Writing comedy.
Relaxation: Talking with my Mum.

Player D
Favourite drink: Pure apple juice.
Favourite food: Italian.
Favourite Pop Group: Whitney Houston.
Vices: Yes!!!
Hobbies: Music, football.
Relaxation: Sauna.

Player E
Favourite drink: German white wine.
Favourite food: Salad.
Favourite Pop Group: Earth, Wind and Fire.
Hobbies: Aerobics, golf, tennis.
Relaxation: Music.

Player F
Favourite drink: Carlsberg.
Favourite food: German and Chinese.
Favourite Pop Group: The Gap Band, Atlantic Star, Anita Baker.
Hobbies: Cricket, playing football, music and eating out.
Relaxation: Listening to music.
Pet Hate: Arriving late before matches.


From May 6

Photo 1

9th World Veterans Championships 1998

World Veterans Championships, Manchester, 1998. Edna Fletcher and Margaret Jones, O70s Women’s Team Champions.



Photo 2

x, Gemma Schwartz, Sally Marling, x

Woolwich Girls British League Premier Division Champions, 1994. Hull Sandhill team of Zoe Fisher (Podmore), Gemma Schwartz and to her right is Sally Marling  (Clark) and Woolwich Marketing Director, Robert Ham.



Photo 3

x, Arthur Upton

Arthur Upton (former ETTA Honorary Life Member, Lancashire CTTA Honorary Life Member and Chairman and Liverpool TTL President and Chairman) with Sarah Smith (Short).



Photo 4

Mike Watts, Jeff Ingber, x. 25.5.2000

Mike Watts (former ETTA Vice-President and National Events Manager), Jeff Ingber (former England international), Marty Reisman (USA).

Thanks as always to everyone who has sent emails with information.