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Photo 1

29.04.16 1. Left Jan Johns, x, Eileen Shaler, x.

Left: Jan Johns, x, Eileen Shaler, x. What is the occasion, date and venue?



Photo 2

29.04.16 2. Kubrat Owolabi left.

Left is Kubrat Owolabi, other players unknown as is the date and tournament.



Photo 3

29.04.16 3. Gail Johns, Nick Jarvis, Pat Archdale, John Blackband

A rather nice dinner. Seated third left is umpire Pat Archdale with Nick Jarvis and Gail Johns next to Pat. Standing from the left is John Blackband, others are unknown. Can you help provide any additional information?



Photo 4

29.04.16 4.

Three lads with a splendid trophy but who are they? What is the trophy? When and where was it taken?

From April 22

Once again many thanks for all the detailed information for last week’s photographs. The number of responses and the information provided is amazing and is building up a wonderful store of knowledge before all the knowledge is lost.

Photo 1

22.04.16 1. Susie Barna, centre, at the launch of the Biogrpahy of Victor Barna by Phil Reid.

Left to right: Charles Wyles (ETTA Chairman), Joe Veselsky (President of Swaythling Club International), Phil Reid, author of the biography ‘Victor Barna’, Mrs Susie Barna, David Sealey (marketing Director, Dunlop Sports Company), John Venmore-Roland(representing Eastland Press of Lewisham), Bill Evans (Dunlop Sports Company). 1975 by LNA Photos Ltd., Fleet Street, London.



Photo 2

22.04.16 2. Hans Alser talks to the Mayor. Alf Reynolds, photographer.

Left to right:  Charles Wyles, ETTA Chairman, Victor Barna, Roy Evans, Mayor of Hastings Alderman Cecil Barfoot,  Hans Alser  (Sweden),  Nancy Evans, Pierre Juliens (Belgium), Ivor Montagu, Peter Lowen (ETTA General Secretary). The photograph was taken in the Mayor’s Parlour, Hastings Town Hall on the occasion of the 25th Sussex Open held on 29th and 30th October 1960. Photo by Alf Reynolds of Hastings.



Photo 3

22.04.16 3. Alf Reynolds Photographer

Another photograph taken in the Mayor’s Parlour in Hastings, the Mayor being Councillor Richard Bryant. Charles Wyles ,second left. Photo by Alf Reynolds of Hastings.



Photo 4

22.04.16 4. Photobition Photography Ltd, London.

Left is Barry Rickets of Coca-Cola PRO taken around 1972. Photo by Photobition Photography Ltd, Fleet Street, London.

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