A  different perspective to 1992 as we look at the ladies playing in the Women’s British League at the Crystal Leisure Centre in Stourbridge in February that year.

Some shots of some top class female players of the era, the great majority of whom played for England or Wales at either senior or junior level.

I can be contacted on [email protected] if you have any information on any unnamed players over the various weeks.

Photo 1

Alison Gordon

Photo 2

Alison Gower

Photo 3

Andrea Holt

Photo 4

Gemma Schwartz

Photo 5

Janet Swann

Photo 6

Joanne Roberts

Photo 7

Joanne Shaw

Photo 8

Julie Barton

Photo 9

Juliet Houghton

Photo 10

Kate Goodall

Photo 11

Lisa Lomas

Photo 12

Natasha Williams

Photo 13

Nicola Deaton

Photo 14

Sally Marling