More photos from Arthur Clark, this time from 1990 from a range of events.

At the Essex Open Matthew Syed seems to be looking at his cheque a little quizzically but Chen Xinhua appears to be delighted with his.

There have been some favourable comments about the return of Friday’s Photos and the promise of even more pictures for the future.

15th April 1990. Essex Open. Men’s Singles Winner Chen Xinhua, Runner-up Matthew Syed.
15th April 1990. Essex Open. Women’s Doubles Runners-up Jill Harris & Carol Giles, Winners Juliet Houghton & Joanne Shaw.
20th May 1990. National Team Champs, St Neots. Carter Cup Winners Dagenham, James Oyekunle, Grant Solder, Andrew Taylor, Chris Sladden presented by Referee, Len Pilditch.
9th Sept 1990. Essex Sports Games. Maldon District Team Runners-up. Julie Oakman (Junior Girl), Clive Oakman (Veteran), Annette Oakman (Senior Lady), Kevan Mays (Junior Boy), Martin Speight (Senior Man)
9th September 1990. Essex Sports Games, Chelmsford District Team Winners. Pip French (Veteran), Julie Vansertima (Dowsett; Senior Lady), Ryan Saville (Junior Boy), Sarah Gardner (Junior Girl), Steve Kerns (Senior Man).
11th November 1990. St Ives Team Tournament. Best Cadet Girl Shelley Ruocco, Fellows Cranleigh, Essex.
11th November 1990. St Ives Team Tournament. Cadet Winners Peniel A, Brentwood. Daniel Yardy, Jennifer Coleman and Vince Avery, presented by the Mayor.